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October - Alex

Knock knock.  “Come in.”

“Hi Chris.  What are you doing?”

“I’m studying for midterms which is something you should be doing too.”

“Come on the weather is gorgeous.  Come out for a little while.  The snow will be here soon let’s take advantage of the last of the good weather.” I pleaded.

“Alex, you know this week is crazy for me.  I don’t have time to be goofing off.  It’s our senior year and we’re in the middle of recruiting season too.  I’m so stressed.”

“Just give me a half hour.  I promise you I’ll walk you back after a half hour.  Plus, you need to give your eyes a break.  Just refresh yourself.  You’ll study better afterwards.”

“You drive a hard bargain.  Fine I’ll come, but I’m only going for a half hour.”

I grabbed Christina’s hand and led her out of the dorm.  I took her to my favorite spot on campus.  I pulled out a blanket and had her lay down next to me and we looked up the blue sky.  I held her hand as we looked up.

“You know our one year anniversary is this weekend.  Which is good that it’s after mid-terms so you have no excuse about studying this weekend.  Please don’t make any plans.”

Chris turned to her side and put her hand on my chest as she turned her gaze to look at me.  “I remember. I have some plans too.”

Smiling I turned to face her.  “You do?”

“Yes I do.  And those plans involve just you and me and no one else.  And did I mention that my roommate is going away this weekend so we have the room to ourselves.”

“I like what I’m hearing.”

All of sudden Chris stopped smiling and she became serious.  “I was going to surprise you, but, I don’t think I can wait.  Alex, I’m ready for us to be together.  I mean really be together.  I don’t want to wait any longer.  We’ve been together for a year and I trust you.”

“Christina, I can wait for as long as you want me to.  You’re not agreeing to this because you feel some pressure because of our one year anniversary.  I’m not expecting anything like that.  Christina, I’m in love with you and I’m not going anywhere and I don’t want you to feel pressured into doing anything you’re not ready for.”

Her smile was back and she slipped her hand under my shirt and scooted close to me and kissed me.  Her sweet lips met mine and she took charge as her tongue explored mine.  Her left leg skimmed the top of my right leg and her hand started to move lower to my waist.  I grabbed her hand.  “Christina, I’m not going to be able to keep my promise of a half hour if you keep doing that.”

She laughed.  “Oh I’m leaving after a half hour with or without you.  That was just a preview for this weekend that I’m ready Alex.  And I want you to be my first love.”

“In that case we’re not both going to have our first time on some horrible twin bed dorm mattress.  I’ll book a hotel room and you’re mine for the weekend.”

“Okay, I like that even better.  I’m yours for the weekend and I promise not to bring any of my books, but I have to leave now if we’re going to goof off the whole weekend.” She said as she got up to go back to her dorm room.

“Hey, Christina, I want to be your first and only love.  You know I’m not in this just to get lucky.  I really do love you.”

She blew me a kiss as she walked away.  “I know Alex and I love you too.”


November - Anjali

“Hey Katherine are you eating the rest of that?”

“You can have it.  You know you can just go to the cafeteria line and get your own,” she teased me.

“I know, but it’s not like you’re going to finish your sandwich so why should I go get another one.  And I’m lazy.” I smiled.

“How was your date with Mike last night?”

“Oh Anjali, he’s so cute and he’s so nice.  He brought me flowers, took me to dinner at the pizza joint and then we went to the movies.   I really like him.  I hope he asks me out again.”

“Tell me more! Give me all of the juicy details. Did he kiss you?”

“No.  He was a perfect gentleman and he walked me home and then he asked me if I’d go out with him again.”

“Oh that is so romantic!! I’m so jealous!”

“How was your date with Sunjay?”

“Oh god no where nearly as good as your date.  First of all he was twenty minutes late.  He made me pay for my own dinner.  We bumped into one of his buddies and he kept talking to him so we were late for the movies and we missed the first ten minutes.  Then when we were leaving the movies, these two thugs came up to us and tried to rob us.” I paused to take a sip of water.

“You got robbed on a date last night?” Katherine asked incredulously.

“No, we didn’t get robbed.  We almost got robbed.  These two guys came up to us and said they had a knife and we needed to hand over our wallets.  Sunjay said he didn’t have any money and told me to hand over my purse.  What a wuss! I kneed one of the guys in the balls and grabbed Sunjay’s hand and told him to run.  I don’t think they even had a knife.  I think they were just a bunch of teenagers trying to scare us into handing over our stuff.”

“What did Sunjay do?”

“Can you believe he got mad at me? He told me I almost got him killed and what type of crazy woman risks her life for her wallet.  Whatever! What kind of guy runs without even seeing the knife?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.  What a jackass.  Looks like there isn’t going to be a second date with Sunjay.”

“Tell me about it.  This is the fifth date with an Indian guy that has been such a dud.  You know I love watching Bollywood movies, but I think they’re ruining my love life.  All of the Indian boys on campus just look Indian, but they are nothing like the Bollywood heroes I watch.  Where is my real life Amitabh Bachchan?” I sighed.

“You need to stop watching Bollywood movies.  They ARE ruining your love life!  You know there are no real guys who actually do all of that!”

“You’re probably right, but I can’t stop.  I’m addicted to them.  I love the happy endings.  I love the songs.  And I love how handsome Indian men look in traditional Indian clothes.  They’re my fantasies on screen.  How do you stop watching a fantasy?”

“On the other hand aren’t movies based on real life? I mean they must have gotten that from somewhere.  There must be some truth to a guy like that.  Why can’t I meet a real life Amitabh you know who can fight a hundred guys and still walk away with just a cut on his lip?  Where’s the guy who will fight for you, looks so handsome in a shervani, who can sing and dance and then recite beautiful poems in Urdu to you about undying love?”

“You’re never going to find someone to fall in love with at this rate, Anjali.” Katherine laughed.

This Superwoman video on how Bollywood ruins it for Indian women is awesome.  I had to include this with this chapter.  Please watch it and hopefully, you’ll laugh as much as me! 

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