“Come on Raj hurry up we’re going to miss the opening act.  They always start with the kindergarteners and I don’t want to miss Vidya!” I say urgently as I watch Raj tapping out his “last” email again.

“Oh god, I forgot Vidya goes first.  I’m coming,” he says as he slams his laptop and stands up.

Raj reaches for his car keys, “You’re not driving! We’re taking a cab; you’ll never find a parking space at this time!”

“Fine lets take a cab,” Raj says.  “Why do they start these events so early?  Don’t they realize we have to work?”

“Really Raj, they have to get through all of the classes and the kids do have school tomorrow! They do need to go to bed too,” I say annoyed.  I hate being late to the kid’s functions.

“Come on, I’m only joking don’t get so upset about it,” Raj said as we walked outside and tried to hail a cab.

It was the holiday season so of course the city would be bustling.  Raj tried to flag down five cabs, but they all had passengers in them.  He tried calling some of the cab companies, but the dispatcher never answered.  Finally, I crossed the street decided to see if we would have better luck there.  Annoyed at Raj, I stepped out onto the street and finally I was able to flag down a cab.  I quickly jumped in and Raj followed.

We rode silently to the kid’s school.  I knew he didn’t like it when I complained, and he knew I was mad.

As soon as the cab arrived at school I raced out of the car, I assumed he would pay and handle it.  I flew up the stairs and into the school and to the auditorium.

The program hadn’t started but the lights were down low and all of the seats up front were taken.  We were going to have to sit in the back row.  I grabbed the first two seats I saw and hoped Raj would find me.

Within minutes Raj had found me and slid into the seat next to me.  The principal came to the front of the auditorium and welcomed the parents, thanked the teachers, and gave an introduction to the program for the night.

“See we didn’t miss, Vidya, we’re just in time,” Raj whispered in my ear as he grabbed my hand.  His way of saying sorry without actually saying the words.

I nodded.  “Did you bring the camera?” I asked.

“I thought you did,” Raj responded.

“Nope, I didn’t.”

“I’m sure someone will take pictures of the kids and we can get copies from them,” Raj reassured me.

“Yes, of course there will be a ton of parents zooming in and taking pictures of our child.  It happens all of the time,” I said bitterly.

I was mad at myself for forgetting the camera.  I was so busy be irked with Raj, I forgot it.

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