Jan – Alex

I let myself into Christina’s new apartment.  Once her lease was up she got her own place, one that I would move into once we got married.  My job was in Brooklyn and I’d moved to Brooklyn to lessen the commute.  I could have moved in with Christina, but I was delaying it so could have a few more months of rolling out of bed and into the office.  Once I moved in with Christina I’d have to wake up earlier and get on the train to get to work.  I was dreading it.

I walked down the hallway leading into the kitchen.  I overheard Christina on the phone.

“…yes, mom.  I got it.  I’ll talk to Alex about it. Uh huh.  Yeah.  Got it.”  She saw me and motioned for me to come closer.  “Is that your mom?” I mouthed.

“Listen mom, I have to go.  I’ll call you later.” And with that she hung up the phone.

“Hey.  Why didn’t you give me the phone to say hi to your mom?” I asked.

“Seriously? Why would you voluntarily want to talk to my mom? I try to minimize how often I have to speak with her.” She said as she hustled past me.  “Plus you and I have some things to talk about and seems you’ve been having one too many conversations with my parents.”

I move in to put my arms around Christina but she moves away from me.  I follow her with my eyes as she scurries around the kitchen putting things away.  “I like your mom and your dad for that matter they’re nice and they’re very sweet to me.  Why is this upsetting?”

“Have you been talking to them about the wedding?” she asked with her green eyes blazing.

“Yes, they called me to ask me a few things and I’ve been in touch with them since then.  You seemed so busy so when they can’t reach you they call me.  Why do I sense you’re mad at me for something?”

“Did you agree to have the wedding in my hometown?”

“Yes.  They found a great place and they asked if that would be okay with me and I said sure.  It doesn’t matter to me where we get married.”

“And when were you going to tell me that we’re getting married in that god forsaken town that I grew up in?”

“I assumed your mom told you and I assumed you’d like getting married in the town you grew up in? Your hometown is so cute and quaint and picture perfect.  I thought that’s what every bride wants.”

“You should have asked me before saying anything to my parents.  They’ve gone ahead and started planning around the wedding being there.  I don’t want to get married there! I can’t believe you agreed to it? You could have talked to me about it!” she said accusingly.

I took a deep breath in.  “First of all it’s nice of your parents to be helping us given that neither of us has that much time so having the wedding near them makes sense.  And when was I supposed to have this conversation with you at 5am when you get up or at midnight when you’re home from work?” I was trying to keep my calm.

“It’s my wedding, I’m the bride don’t you think I should have a say where I want to get married?”

“I thought it was our wedding and our families.  Is it really the end of the world if we ask for your parents help and make it convenient for them? Do you really want to fight about this?”

“Why are you making me out to be the bad guy, when I’m supposed to be the bride? Remember it’s supposed to be my day.  You always turn things around Alex!”

“Fine.  You don’t want to get married in New Hampshire.  Then where do you want to get married? Let’s take next week off and we can scope out venues, caterers, and all of the other stuff we need to figure out.”

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