Would love suggestions for a song for this chapter.  I didn't want to hold up publishing a chapter so I quickly posted this without a song.

How about Gustakh Dhil for this chapter from English Vinglish.  Here is the translation http://www.bollymeaning.com/2012/09/gustakh-dil-mein-mushkil-lyrics.html



"Excuse me ma'am would you like another glass of champagne?" the waiter asks me as he looks at my near empty glass.

"It's almost midnight, you should have a glass to toast with?" The young waiter adds with a boyish smile.

"Sure," I say almost too quickly. "Thank you," I add as I give him my empty glass and exchange it for a fresh cold glass of champagne.

The waiter smiles at me and then looks over at the rest of the people in my circle, "Can I get anyone else anything before the clock strikes midnight?"

"I'd like another Scotch," Raj says. "Make that two," his co-worker Gregg adds. "And, I'll have glass of champagne too; although I probably shouldn't" Gregg's wife Callie adds as she flips her blond hair back and shows off her bosom spilling over in her low cut golden gown.

"Sure thing. Be back in a couple of minutes" the waiter says as he looks over at me before heading to the bar.

After he's out of hearing range, Gregg, Raj's co-worker slash nemesis says, "Well, that young waiter sure has a thing for you Anjali. I've lost count of how many times he's walked over here to check on you and see if you need anything. He's kept your glass full all night, which is why I'm not leaving your side. Being near you means I'll get a drink whenever I need it."

I laugh nervously, "Gregg, I think you're seeing things. He's just doing his job. All of the staff has been superb tonight."

"You're being too humble, you're a beautiful woman, you can't blame the young man for being infatuated with you."

"Gregg stop it; you're embarrassing Anjali. Plus, she's right the entire staff has been so attentive. In fact I don't think I've gone long at all either tonight without being asked if I needed a drink," Callie added as she ran her fingers through her hair and twirled the bottom of the blond curls around her perfectly manicured red nails as she then slid her other hand through Gregg's arm pulling him closer to her.

Raj looked annoyed but stayed silent surprisingly.

"Oh I think I'm right. Look behind you our eager in love waiter is already on his way back to us. That must be record time for going from the bar to your customers at an over the top New Year's Eve Party."

And within seconds, our waiter was back in our circle. He handed the men their scotches and the glass of champagne to Callie. Once he handed out the drinks, he turned to me. "I hope you don't mind I brought you another glass of champagne just in case you need it for the midnight toast," I blushed at the waiter's comments and looked over at Gregg who was grinning from ear to ear and arched his eyebrow up at me in amusement.

"I was also wondering... well if you don't mind me saying... you just look so familiar... like I've seen you before but I'm not quite sure. Well actually, I think you're the woman in this video but I'm not sure. Are you a dancer by any chance?" The waiter asked me nervously.

"No, I'm not a dancer, I mean I like to dance but I'm not a professional dancer. I'm just a stay at home mom."

"Well they say everyone has a twin, and your twin must be a dancer," he says as he sets down the tray at a nearby table and then pulls out his phone. "Watch this video. The woman in here looks a lot like you."

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