November - Alex

I walk behind my brother towards his closet.  “Can I borrow a kurti for the Diwali puja? I don’t really have any since we don’t go to any Indian functions, but I’d love to wear one for the puja.”

“Amar you don’t have to ask; here let me show you all of the kurti’s I have.  Choose whichever one you like.  I have at least two dozen.  Every time my mother-in-law goes to India she brings me back several.  In fact take a few with you, I have so many.”

We filter through Arjun’s kurti’s .  “You weren’t kidding when you said you have over two dozen kurti’s.  They are in every color and design I could imagine possible.”

“Pick one.”

I remove my shirt and place the kurti on top and wear it with my jeans.

“Why don’t you go to more Indian functions? You’re in New York, it’s not like there is a shortage of Indian functions to attend,” Arjun asks.

“I don’t know.  Life is busy, Chris doesn’t really like going with me, and I don’t know I guess I’m just making excuses.”

“Well, if you don’t mind, Kavita got a couple of Indian outfits for the kids.  Do you think they’ll wear them for Diwali today?”

“Of course they’ll wear them.  That was sweet of Kavita.”

“Do you think Chris will want to borrow something from Kavita?” Arjun asks.

“I’m not sure, but I’ll offer it to her.  Let me get going so I can get the kids ready.  I know Kavita wants to start soon and mom and dad should be here soon too.”

I walk out of their room and into the guest room Chris and I are sharing.

Chris and the kids are all in the room.

“Hey Jasper and Leah look what Kavita chachi got you.”

“What did I get?” Jasper asks.

I layout the clothes on the bed.  “Jasper this ones for you.  It’s called a kurti and you can wear it with your pants.  Leah this pretty dress is yours.”

Leah grabs the colorful purple lengha “This one’s mine!”

“Yes it’s yours,” I laugh and I slip her out of her clothes and into the new outfit.

Jasper puts the kurti on by himself and then glances down at himself, “I look like you now daddy!”

“Yes you do,” I smile proudly.

“Chris do you want to join in the fun? Kavita has plenty of outfits you can choose from.”

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