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“Are you ready?” I asked.

Christina looked me over with a frown.  “Are you planning on taking me to Boston on your motorcycle?”

“I have an extra helmet so you’re safe.”

“Absolutely not!  You can ride on that death machine but I’ll cab it to the hotel.  I’ll just meet you there.”

“Come on Christina, I’m a good driver, nothing is going to happen to you.”

“Alex I’m not riding on the back of your motorcycle no matter how safe you drive.  I don’t like motorcycles and I’m not changing my mind.”

I put down both helmets on her bed.  I smiled.

“Okay scaredy cat, we’ll cab it.”

Twenty minutes later we were at the Westin Copley Place in downtown Boston.

“Wow, this is impressive.” Christina said as we walked into our room. 

“I’m glad you like it. My friend who works here on the weekend was able to get us an upgrade.”

Christina dropped her stuff on the ground and turned around and wound her arms around me and kissed me. 

I pulled back and pushed her hands down.  I sighed deeply and looked at the ground.  My hands were trembling.

“Are you hungry? Should we go to dinner?”

Christina smiled and bit her bottom lip.  “I thought we’d start with dessert and then do take out for dinner.”

Then she started kissing my neck.  “Are you nervous?” Christina asked.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?”

She laughed at me.  “Yes, I’m nervous, but I’m excited too.  And you?”

“The same.  But, I like the idea of starting with dessert first.” I said as I walked over to a bottle of chilled champagne.

I poured two glasses and handed her one.  Christina took a sip.  “Aren’t you going to have some?”

“Yes, in a while.”

I turned on some music.  “Dance with me.”

“I don’t like dancing.”

“Neither do I normally.  But, tonight I want to dance with you.”

Billy Holiday’s, The Very Thought of You was playing.  I put my champagne glass down and took Christina into my arms.   I loved this song, so it was appropriate it was playing on the radio. 

We swayed to the music and the tension eased out of my shoulders.  I swirled Christina around and she stumbled spilling champagne on her dress.  I laughed.  “You’re just as bad as I am at dancing.”

“That’s why I never dance in public.”

“We’re not in public, so it doesn’t matter.  No one can see you but me, and I’m just as bad as you are.”

“But you know what?” I asked as I kissed her neck and unzipped the back of her dress.

“What?” Christina asked with half closed eyes.

“I like dancing with you even if we’re not any good.  I like holding you in my arms listening to old jazz songs.  I wish I could dance well.”

“Hhhmm, but you do other things well.  So that makes up for the dancing.” She murmured in my ear.

“What things?” I asked.

“What you’re doing now with your lips feels incredible.”  Christina whispered in my ear as she pulled my shirt out of my pants and began unbuttoning it.

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