“Hey, you guys are a site for sore eyes!” I exclaim as I hug Ed and Sam.  It had been months since I’d seen both of them.  We all lived in NYC, but between working in Investment Banking and having a girlfriend; it seemed I never had time to see my friends.

“Hey Mr. Moneybags how’s it going?” Sam asked.

I punched him on the shoulder as I slid into the booth.  I smiled as I poured myself a beer from the first of what would be several pitchers. 

“For the record, the banks may pay well but you have to sell your soul in return.  Do you know I’ve only gone skiing once this season?”

“Is that because of work or because of the Ice Princess?”

“Knock off of the Christina jokes.  She’s probably the woman I’m going to marry someday.”  I hated when they called her that.  I know Sam and Ed weren’t too fond of her, but then Christina wasn’t too fond of them either. 

“I can’t believe you man.  You dated her in college; now you’re in the real world don’t you want to experience other women? I mean you’re an I-Banker now, do you know how gaga women go for guys like you? Do you really want to settle? I mean if you marry her she’ll be the only woman you’ll ever have slept with.” Ed said.

I grinded my teeth.  “If we’re going to spend the rest of the evening discussing Christina, then I can leave and the two of you can talk about her all night long.”

Sam spoke up, “Come on Alex we haven’t seen each other in months don’t go.  Let’s make a deal no more talk about Christina.  Let’s talk about something else, really anything else.”

“Sorry, Alex, I shouldn’t have said anything.  Next round is on me.” Ed said.

I relaxed in my seat.  I could never stay mad at Ed or Sam for long.  They meant well even though they didn’t have much tact.

“No problem.”

“Look Alex, you have to change this thing with the skiing.  The snow is so good this year.  Let’s go skiing at least once this season before it’s over.  Let’s go to Killington.  Skip working one weekend and let’s go up.  What do you say?”

I snorted.  “Skip one weekend? I’d like to skip working on all weekends.  I have to confess I don’t know why the hell I agreed to go into i-banking.  I hate it.  You just push money from one account to another and then take a commission for it.  I don’t ever think I’ve ever been so bored in my life.” 

Both Ed and Sam arched their eyebrows at me.  “Really, Alex, you bored?  Never.  I mean you loved Professor McKenzie’s class! Oh let’s not forget you couldn’t wait to wake up for Prof Callahan’s class.  And there was Prof Canten who was so interesting you dropped out of it mid semester because you wanted to repeat it again the next semester.” Ed said.

“Oh yeah, Alex you’ve never been bored with anything before.  I can’t believe you’re bored at work.” Sam said sarcastically.

“What the hell is this pick on Alex day? Seriously, I’d gladly go back to school and re-take those classes if it would get me out of going to work.  Those classes seem interesting next to the torture I’m going through.”

Sam laughed hard, “Oh my god, you have to be bored to remember Prof Mckenzie’s class fondly.  Look if it’s that awful quit.  It’s not like you’ve invested years in it.  Do something else.”

“You’re right, we’re still in training and being evaluated I can quit now and do something else.  But, what do I do? I don’t want to leave NYC and majority of the jobs are in finance.  If Christina was open to it I’d move back to California and work in Silicon Valley like my old man.  But, that’s not an option.”

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