Sorry for the long wait.  I hope you enjoy this chapter.  I really enjoyed writing it as the tension increases between Alex and Anjali.  Please also watch the video - I hope you enjoy it.  Sholay is absolutely one of my favorite movies!!!



I pull out my ringing cell phone from my coat pocket and quickly answer it before I lose the call, "Hello," I pant into the phone.

"Hey big brother how are you?" Arjun asks.

"Hi Arjun, I'm just rushing to a lunch date. How are you?"

Arjun laughs, "I'm warmer than you for sure."

"Yeah I definitely miss California weather this time of year. I wish I could come out there for the holidays and escape this cold. At least you get to enjoy gorgeous weather."

"I'll be drenched in rain this Christmas since we're going to Seattle to see Kavita's family."

"I didn't know. So mom and dad are going to be alone for the holidays?" I ask.

"Alone? Are you kidding me! You should see their social calendar; it rivals any celebrity."

"You should have told me that you're going out of town, I would have flown out there for the holidays."

"Hate to break this to you big bro, but that might not be the best of ideas."

"Why?" I ask confused.

"What do you mean why? Mom is still pissed at you from Thanksgiving."

"Pissed at me? For what? I missed that memo."

"Well she won't shut up about how she raised you better than that. Never thought one of her sons would commit adultery. Yeah, I think I'd stay away from her for a while. She's pretty pissed."

"What are you talking about?"

"Look you don't have to play coy with me, she already told me you're having an affair. At least now I know why you've been a better mood over the last year."

"I'm not having an affair."

"Hey you don't have to lie to me. I'm not going to judge you. And I've never been a fan of Chris. You haven't seemed happy in a long time and I'm glad someone is making you happy. I didn't call you to pass judgment. Just wish you'd told me rather than mom. I would have liked to hear your version. Well honestly I'd still like to hear your version," Arjun confessed.

"Arjun I'm serious I'm not having an affair. Mom and dad are blowing this out of proportion."

"Well if you're really not having an affair maybe you should. I'm so sorry, but I'm so tired of everyone stepping around you and not being honest. Chris is no good for you. You never seem happy any more. No one will admit it to you but none of us like her, not your friends not your family. We want to see you happy. I don't get why you stay with her."

"Arjun I'm going to ignore that comment. And in case you forgot I have kids with Chris."

"Yeah I almost forgot about the kids, because we never see them! This summer was the first time you spent any kind of quality time with us. My girls keep asking about Jasper and Leah and when we're going to see them next. What do I tell them? Their mom the wicked witch doesn't like coming here and she really doesn't want us coming there."

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