I wrote this chapter a few months ago.  I sometimes skip around when I’m writing because a certain scene comes to me with such vivid detail.  I loved writing this chapter and have been dying to get the rest of the story up to this point so I could publish it.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Alex’s POV:

I sat in that hotel room trying to be patient.  I knew Anjali eventually had to come back to the room.  Her purse was still in the room.  I needed to keep my cool so that when she did come back I was prepared to speak to her.  

I picked up a magazine to distract myself and as soon as I got settled, I heard a phone ring.  I knew it wasn’t my phone because the ringtone was the song Zoobi Doobi from the Hindi movie 3 Idiots and I immediately knew it was Anjali’s.  She almost always used a Hindi song for her ringtone.  I walked over to the nightstand to see who was calling her.  I looked at her iPhone and saw “Jordan” flashing.  I just stared at the phone stunned that he was calling her.  He said that nothing was going on between them yet he was calling her.  Why was he calling Anjali? To warn her?

The call went to voicemail and I heard the phone beep once the voicemail had been left.  I picked up the phone and I know I shouldn’t but I wanted to hear the voicemail.  I had to know, this was my marriage for god’s sake.  I had a right to know.  So I tried to listen to the message but I needed the passcode to gain access to Anjali’s messages.  I tried our anniversary date, Anjali’s birthday, the kids’ birthday, my birthday, but nothing worked.  Why was the code so difficult? I began to wonder if Anjali had done this on purpose because she was hiding her affair from me.

I was now so far from calm.  My mind was racing.  Jordan knew Anjali’s schedule better than I did.  This morning when he told her that he wouldn’t be at her yoga class she looked so disappointed.  Maybe Jordan had lied this afternoon.  What was he thinking when he called Jordan that he would just admit to him if he was having an affair with his wife. 

Maybe he should have taken up yoga.  Yoga was always Anjali’s thing.  Over the years he had seen Anjali perform dances or go on set when she was choreographing a dance, but he rarely went to her yoga studio.  One of the few times he went to Anjali’s yoga studio was when he was courting her.

It seemed just like yesterday that he had walked into the yoga studio on the upper East side to see Anjali in action.  Just thinking about that evening so many years ago made him ache to hold Anjali.

His thoughts wandered to that evening….

Alex slipped into the yoga studio where Anjali taught and watched her teach the last half hour of her class.  They weren’t planning on seeing each other today, but he missed her and he wanted to see her even if it was just watching her.  He stood hidden so he could watch her without her noticing him.  He’d never taken a yoga class so he didn’t know what to expect or how her class compared to any other class.

Anjali walked around the studio as she called out the poses.  “Let’s work on our core and developing strength.  Sometimes I find it’s more difficult to hold one pose for a long time than it is to go through several poses because of the concentration and focus you need.  One of my favorite poses to hold is the plank pose.  So get into the position as if you’re about to do a push up and we’re going to hold this pose for over one minute.  You might be wondering why I like this pose – so let me enlighten you.  When you do this pose properly you are pushing your feet towards the wall behind you while you push your head towards the wall in front of you.  You should feel the opposing tug of push and pull of the pose.  Keep playing with it until you get the right balance between push and pull.”

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