Life.  Love.  Marriage.  Children.  No one talks about all of the stages of Love.  The movies and romance novels would have you believing it's just about the chase.  It's as if once the boy and girl declare their love for each other and all misunderstandings are explained that's the end of the story and everything is happily ever after.  But, that's not real life.  The end of the chase is just the beginning of the story. 

How do you keep the magic of the chase in your life? There is a beautiful song called Aur Ho in the Hindi movie, Rockstar, and my favorite line is "Tujhe pehli baar main milta hoon....pause.. har dafaa."  Which translates as, I meet you for the first time – every time (I meet you).  If you have a partner do you remember the first time you met or saw the person you fell in love?  Do you remember the excitement, the anticipation, the initial chemistry?  How do you keep that alive 15 years into marriage and two kids later?

I thought my husband and I had that figured out.  I thought somehow we had managed to defy the odds of staying married and keeping it fresh.  But, I was wrong – in one morning my entire understanding of our relationship was shattered.  Just like that – gone!

Do you want to hear my story?

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