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*** Please note this chapter gets a bit steamy so if that's not your thing don't read it.  you are duly warned!!

Alex POV

It was starting to get chilly outside and I decided to head back in.  I walked back towards the hotel.  Hopefully, Anjali was back in the room by now. 

I reached the room and I was fumbling around and digging through my pockets to find the room key when I heard some noises down the hall.  I looked in the direction of the noises and I noticed a couple kissing and all over each other outside of their room.  The guy was trying to get the key into the slot while his wife or girlfriend distracted him with kisses.  As I stared I noticed this was the couple from the beach.  Thankfully, they were too busy with each other to notice they had an audience.

I sighed and I opened the door to the room.  It was dark and quiet.  She still hadn’t returned back to the room.

I plopped back down in the chair again.  Seeing the couple down the hall and watching how the woman was seducing her husband or boyfriend made me think back to the days when Anjali and I couldn’t keep our hands off of each other.

The first time Anjali pushed the envelope sexually was at a work event I had to attend.  It was an annual gala event to honor trail blazers in the financial services world who were retiring, celebrate the year, talk about the predictions of the coming year.  Basically, an excuse to party and either celebrate bonuses or lament the lack of bonuses if the economy wasn’t performing.  Everyone complained about going and wasting an evening, but yet no one missed it.

I didn’t want to go, but you go to scope out the competition, who’s jumping ship and moving to another firm, who’s starting their own firm, etc.  Unfortunately, I knew I had to put in an appearance so I asked Anjali to come with me as my plus one.

She agreed to come but said she’d be late since she had a rehearsal and she’d meet me at the gala.  I got to the event and mingled during the cocktail hour.  I shook hands with the powers that be, smiled and acted like I was enthralled.  Because I wasn’t in Investment Banking anymore, luckily, I didn’t have to kiss ass as much, but I still had to do the rounds.  I kept looking at my watch wondering when Anjali would show up.

I was actually enjoying myself and talking to an elderly bald gentleman and his wife about Enron when I noticed Anjali enter the ballroom.  Enron was the hot energy company that Wall Street was salivating over, but this man insisted that the company was bogus.  The numbers didn’t make sense; their PE ratio didn’t make sense.  He had retired last year but he still followed the market and he predicted that Enron was one of the biggest Ponzi schemes around and Wall Street had truly lost its mind inflating companies like Enron and taking companies like Pets.com public. 

Little did he know how right he was?  A year and half later the market would fall apart and next year’s party would be more like a funeral.  I wished I’d paid more attention because in my gut I knew he was right and he had a lifetime of experience to back it up.  I could have made the right bets on his information and made money by shorting all of the stocks.  But my attention was on Anjali.  She moved towards me in a light blue evening gown that kissed the floor and a shawl over her hand.  Her hair was styled partially up and she was wearing make-up which she rarely did.  She looked heavenly.  I excused myself from the couple when I saw her walking towards me.

“Hi,” she smiled as she reached up to kiss me on the cheek.

“Hi.  I’m glad you finally made it.  I was getting worried that maybe you changed your mind about spending the evening with a bunch people talking about money, ratios and stock performance.”

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