Tarun’s POV con’t.

Tarun remembered the day Shekhar the photographer came to the studio that he and Anjali were working out of as they were putting the final touches on the jewelry.  Now that they were close to opening the store the ads announcing the store and marketing the concept needed to be put together.  Shekhar was one of the top photographers in India and he had worked with Shekhar several times in the past.  He trusted Shekhar and knew he was up to the challenge to be able to put together a campaign in the West.  Shekhar entered the building and greeted him and started putting his laundry list together of what he was going to need to for the photo shoot.  First things first, he was going to have to hire a model that had to have a look that was appealing to many ethnicities.  He didn’t want the model’s ethnicity to be obvious; any potential consumer needed to be able to relate to the model, especially with the many ethnic groups in the US and especially in NYC.  Shekhar began to describe what kind of model he wanted and asked him if had contacted any agencies.  He handed him a package with photographs of several models that the agency had sent over.  Shekhar opened the packet and flipped through the pictures quickly.  He had an eye for these things so he knew he would know the girl once he saw her.  He was almost done with the package when Anjali walked in from the back.

“Tarun cha cha where are all of the jewelry boxes to put the final pieces in?” Anjali asked. 

Shekhar immediately looked up and was blown away by Anjali’s beauty.   He still remembered the way Shekhar described Anjali. “She isn’t your typical model whose beauty is symmetric and perfect.  Instead she has that rare beauty where she is flawed, innocent, and sexy at the same time.  You get the feeling that behind closed doors she would reveal things only to her lover.  A beauty that doesn’t get flaunted, but has mysteries and secrets that only are revealed to her lover.  She has the ability to appeal to both men and women.”

At 5’ 8” Anjali wasn’t as tall as the typical model, but still tall enough to model clothes and jewelry well.  Her skin isn’t dark or light, it’s like a light mocha, which is why she can pass for multiple ethnicities.  Her hair isn’t the typical jet black hair that most Indian women have but instead a dark mahogany brown, yet it’s thick and wavy like most Indian women’s hair.  And her eyes are a light brown also not typical for being Indian.  But, her features are classic North Indian.  And she had nice curves, her breasts weren’t small but they were ample, not the Double D size type but the size that would perfectly fit in a man’s hand.  She had hips but she wasn’t pear shaped either.  It was like the perfect hour glass figure.  Put it all together and she could pass for a myriad of ethnicities – of course Indian, but she could easily pass for Greek, Portuguese, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Mexican, or even a mixed race.  She could say she was any one of these ethnicities and you’d believe her.  That day she was dressed in her regular standard casual outfit of jeans, a white t-shirt, converse tennis shoes and a big belt.  She was dressed like a tomboy, but her curves and her thick mane made her look very much a woman.  He could see immediately, thoughts were flying through Shekhar’s head of what he could do with Anjali and the campaign – this all before he even knew her name and had even finished going through the stack of pictures of the professional models.

“Shekhar, I’d like to introduce you to Anjali who has been helping me with the designs of the jewelry.  Anjali, this is Shekhar a very good friend of mine and an excellent photographer.  He’ll be doing the photo shoot and heading the marketing ads for Tarun Jewelers.”

She smiled as she said “Nice to meet you.”  She had one of those beautiful smiles that reached her eyes.  There was laughter in her face and you knew there was more to her than met the eye.  She wasn’t the type of person you could put in a box and stereo type.  Bindas is the word that comes to mind when you think of Anjali.  It means carefree in Hindi. 

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