I turned on the TV to watch one of my favorite shows tonight, The Good Wife, but it wasn’t on because the Country Music Awards were on so I watched part of them instead and I saw this song “On Your Side of the Bed”by Little Big Town and it inspired me to write this next chapter.  I’ve been struggling trying to get into the zone to write the next chapter. 

I know there are many Bollywood references in this book, but I was raised in the South so I have an appreciation for a good country song.  You’ll see another Country song or two in future chapters so stay tuned.


Anjali’s POV con’t.

After watching the sunset, I headed inside and found a spot near one of the fireplaces to sit at because I wasn’t ready to go upstairs.  I don’t know why, I didn’t want to be by myself just yet.  One of the waiters walked by me and asked me if I would like something and before I knew it I ordered a scotch.  I don’t really like scotch, it’s Alex’ drink.  Before I could change my mind the waiter had written down the order and walked away.  Why did I just order a scotch? What did I think ordering his drink of choice would bring us back together? Or maybe it would give me the illusion that he was with me. 

The waiter brought me my scotch and I looked at it for a while before finally taking a small sip.  Nope, I still don’t like tasting it, but I love the smell of it.  The smell reminds me of Alex.  I love the smell of his cologne mixed with scotch on his breath.  Just thinking of it made me heat up and think of the number of times he had held me in his arms and the two smells lingered all around me.  God, I missed everything about him, his laugh, his smell, and his arms around me.  It had been so long since I had experienced any of that with Alex.  I wondered if the new woman in his life found those same things attractive.  Did he drink scotch with her? Did she drink scotch with him? My heart ached just thinking of the betrayal.  The tears started to build behind my eyes again. 

To keep myself from crying I tried to distract myself by looking around me and find something entertaining that would take my mind off of Alex.  I looked around the lounge area and I mainly saw couples of all ages, some young, some old, and some like Alex and I in the middle of it – neither old nor young.  I wonder what their stories were – were their lives simple or complicated.  All of the couples were speaking softly so I couldn’t eavesdrop and listen in on their conversations.  When Alex and I had been married for a couple of years and we hadn’t yet had kids we would love to go to dinner and look at all of the couples around us and guess what their story was.  We would identify the couples that were on their first date and try and guess if they would make it to the second date.  We would make up stories based on tidbits we could hear.  We would of course chat in Hindi, since most people around us couldn’t understand us.  That way we could say anything without being understood.  It was yet one of the things we used to do.

Suddenly, I heard lots of people laughing and I looked over to the bar area to see a group of a dozen young people enjoying Friday night drinks.  They looked like they were in their mid to late twenties.  I stared at the group trying to figure out how well they knew each other.  I wondered if they were all friends or if some of them were couples; I wondered if some of them would end up becoming a couple someday. Would they one day get married the way Alex and I had? Life is funny how it turns out.  Watching the group of friends socialize and relax at the end of the week reminded me how many times I had met up with my friends at a bar or a restaurant.  Alex and I had been friends first and I never would have guessed that someday we would fall in love, get married and have two children together.  Even after I slept with him for the first time, I had assumed it had been one of those shit happens incidents between friends.

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