Alex pulled out his phone and sent a text and then grabbed my hand and led me out the door, down the elevator and into the bar.  We walked towards the beautiful blond model.

Alex went in to hug and kiss Sarah, “Hi Sarah.  I hope you don’t mind, we changed our mind about joining you for a drink.  You’re always asking me about my wife so I thought I’d introduce you both.  Sarah this is Anjali my beautiful wife, Anjali this is Sarah who runs the cloud computing start-up, Zen Computing, here in the valley.”

Sarah extends her hand towards me to shake it and says “Anjali it’s so nice to finally meet you.  I’ve heard so much about you, but now I know why Alex has you locked up.”

Sarah looks at Alex and smiles, “Your wife is absolutely gorgeous! If I wasn’t involved with Jane, I would surely be making a move on Anjali and convince her to switch teams.”

“What were you saying about me?” A dirty blond woman slid next to Sarah and kissed her on the lips.  “Hi Alex! What are you doing here?” And then she turned to look at me appreciatively, “No offense, Sarah, but if we weren’t together, you’d be competing with me for Anjali’s attention.” She laughed and winked at Sarah and Alex as she said this.

I was a bit stunned as the realization dawned on me that Sarah was a lesbian.  It’s not every day that you meet lesbian CEO’s of a tech company.

“Great, now not only do I need to worry about straight men making passes on wife, I now need to worry about the lesbian population.  Anjali, you’re never leaving the house again.” Alex said. 

He laughed and said, “I wonder if this is how harems started? Paranoid men locking up their wives in a room so they wouldn’t get hit on by others.”

“A harem would only solve half of your problem by avoiding men, but you do know that many of the women in the harems had affairs with each other.” Jane said.

Before Alex could respond I said, “Don’t worry honey I’m already living in a harem of one so there’s no chance of me being swept off of my feet by any other man or woman.”

“Has the move to California been difficult for you? Alex mentioned you’ve spent all of your life on the East Coast and this has been a big move for you?” Sarah asked sincerely.  It felt odd that a stranger seemed to be more concerned about my wellbeing than Alex had been.

“Actually, it has been really difficult.  It’s not easy starting all over and making new friends in your forties.  If it weren’t for Alex’ parents and the students in my yoga class I think I would have gone crazy by now.” I confessed.

“You teach yoga? Where do you teach yoga? I’d love to take a class with you and then afterwards I’ll take you out on the town and show you a good time.” Jane offered.

“I teach at the yoga studio Nirvana off of Haight Street.”

“I know exactly where that is.  What time and days do you teach?” Jane asked.

“Yeah, Anjali, when do you teach?” Alex asked suspiciously. 

“Alex I can’t believe you don’t know when your wife teaches and that you aren’t doing a better job recruiting students for her class.  You should be out there marketing the hell out of her since that’s what you do for a living!” scolded Sarah.

“Seems that my wife likes to keep her yoga groupies separate from me so she can keep her options open.”

Before Alex shared anymore with these complete strangers I cut in, “I teach Mon, Wed, & Fri at 10:30am.  I drop off the kids to school and then head to the yoga studio.  I’d love it if you could sneak away from work and take a class with me.  I also offer private lessons if you’re interested.”  As soon as I said that I regretted adding the private lessons part.

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