November – Anjali

“Come on Karan and Vidya hurry up you’re going to be late for school.” I yelled.  I hated getting the kids ready in the morning.  You would think they knew the routine by now, get up, get ready, and come eat breakfast.  School starts at the same time every day.  Yet, this seemed to be new news for them.  Exasperated I walk towards their room. 

“I’m coming in so you better be ready!”

“No mom, don’t come in, we’re coming out.  We promise we’re ready.  We don’t need your help.”

“Fine.  I’ll start making breakfast.” I said as I headed into the kitchen.  I pulled out the pancake batter and begin mixing it with the milk, oil and eggs.

I put the first pancake on the griddle and then pulled out a second griddle so that I could go faster and make two at a time.

Raj walked into the kitchen.  “You’re making pancakes? You never make pancakes on a weekday.  What’s the special occasion?” He had worked really late the night before so he was going into the office later this morning for a change.

“Happy Birthday mom!” Karan and Vidya ran up to me and hugged me as they handed me a card and small package. 

“Dad you do remember it’s mom’s birthday that’s why she’s making pancakes.  Mom loves pancakes!” Karan exclaimed.

Raj looked like a deer with headlights in his eyes.  “Of course I remembered.  I didn’t know we were starting the celebrations so early in the day.”

My heart sank even though I should be used to it by now.  This was the third year in a row he’d forgotten my birthday.

Raj leaned over and kissed me.  “Happy Birthday sweetheart.  How old are you this year, twenty-nine?”

I swatted him with the kitchen towel.  I was way passed twenty-nine. 

“Get rid of the kids and we’ll go out to dinner tonight.  I’ll make reservations at that new French restaurant that’s getting rave reviews.”

I pulled him near me.  “Raj you know I don’t like celebrating my birthday without the kids.  Let’s go somewhere we can all enjoy.”  He rolled his eyes.  “Fine.  You’re the birthday girl so your wish is my command.  But, just remember on my birthday I don’t want the kids joining us.”   He whispered the last part in my ear.  I just looked at him.  We had this same conversation every year.  Birthdays for me meant we all celebrated together, plus I hate French food.  You’d think that at least on my birthday he wouldn’t drag me to one of those overpriced restaurants.

“Yeah! We’re going out to eat tonight! Can we go for pizza?” Vidya screamed.

Raj groaned.  “Let’s do something a little nicer for mom’s birthday.  How about Italian where they also have pizza?”

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