Arjun and Kavita’s wedding

 “Mom, I’ll be back soon.  I’m going to the airport to pick up Christina I’ll be back within a couple of hours.  Do you need me to pick up anything on my way home?”

“Nothing darling.  Just bring that lovely wife of yours.  I wish she could have taken more time off of work and come earlier with you.  I’m looking forward to getting to know her.  I feel like you just got married and now I’m lucky enough to get a second daughter so soon.  Drive safely.”

“Thanks mom,” I say as I run out the door.  I’m so excited to see Christina.  I know it’s only been five days without her, but I don’t like being away from her.

I race up Highway 101 to get to SFO (San Francisco airport).  I pull into the United terminal and park my car so I can go inside to see her sooner.  I wait in baggage claim for twenty minutes before she emerges and I run up to her and pull her into my arms.

“I missed you.  I’m glad you’re here.”

Christina stands on her tippy toes and kisses me, “I missed you too.”  Once her luggage comes I grab it and we walk back to the car.

“Are you hungry? We can stop and grab a bite to eat before we go home,” I ask.

“No I’m good.  I’d like to get home and just relax.  Plus, I’m sure your mom has a good bottle of wine waiting to be opened.”

“I’m sure she does and she’d love the company.”

“So what’s the plan for the next few days?” she asks.

“Well, this evening is the mehndi party for the bride, but Kavita has invited you and my mom.  Tomorrow night is the Sangeet (music) party, and then Saturday is the Sikh wedding ceremony is in the morning, and then the Hindu ceremony is late afternoon followed by the reception, and on Sunday there’s a brunch just for family and out of town guests.  And then, I was hoping next week after the wedding is over we can take a few days to explore and go to Monterrey, Napa and whatever else your heart desires.”

“I can’t believe the wedding is a four day affair.  Can’t they can shorten the wedding so I can see a little bit of the Bay area.  It seems so unnecessary.”

“Christina the wedding rituals are not negotiable.  Plus, it’s a wonderful excuse for family and friends to get together, think of it like a mini vacation.  We have plenty of time to roam around the Bay area after the wedding is over.”

“Alex, I had to change my tickets, I’m leaving Sunday night, the deal I’m working on is really hot.  You’ll have to take me around the Bay area on our next trip.”

“You didn’t tell me that you changed your ticket.”

“I’m so sorry, it just happened and its’ been super crazy.”

“Yeah sure, we’ll explore next time.”

She reached her hand over and placed it on my lap, “I’m so sorry Alex.  I know you were looking forward to showing me around.  I promise next time we’ll just come and do nothing but go around.”

“Yeah, sure, not a problem.  We’ll do it next time.  Until then let’s enjoy the wedding festivities.”  I say as I pull up into my parent’s driveway.

I pull out Chris’ luggage from the trunk and the door opens and both my parents come out with huge smiles. 

“Hello Christina, it’s so nice to see you,” my mom gushes as she gives her a big hug.

“Yes, it’s wonderful to see you.  How was your flight?” my father asks.

“It was uneventful, so no problems at all.”

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