I know I should be working on Gossip, Weddings and Manipulation but I can't get Alex and Anjali out of my head, it's like they are following me around wherever I go.  If I stay on schedule and no other creative juices take me in a different direction the story will be wrapped up in three more chapters.  I hope you like this chapter - just as a heads up the emotional turmoil continues.  And I need a song to reflect it - so any suggestions??

I just added the song Love Myself by Justin Bieber - I normally can't stand him, but I thought this song resonated with me especially from Alex' point of view, plus I loved the dance moves!


January - Alex

"Alex I just pulled our records together for our tax return and it looks like some of your documents are missing. Am I missing some of your 1099 documents?"

"Let me see what you have."

Chris slid the papers over the dining table. The papers were neatly organized and she'd highlighted the section she wanted me to review.

"Where are the rest of the forms for last year's income?" Chris asked as she pushed her reading glasses up higher.

"Those are everything," I said calmly.

"But, that's half the income from the prior year."

"I know, I've cut down on some of my client work," I told her.

"But our business expenses have gone up. If you're making less money why are you spending so much more on the business?"

"I told you I'm working with the young programmers in California and I'm funding some of the development until we can sustain ourselves. We're working on a couple of apps that should be ready to launch in the next few months."

"So you've cut down on client work so you can invest in a bunch of twenty year olds who are trying to change the world? Have you gone mad? I get why they're so crazy, they're only twenty and they have no responsibility but themselves, but you're a married man with two kids. We have an overhead, we have responsibilities!"

"Oh God, Chris, not this shit again!"

"This shit again! Really Alex, when are you going to carry your weight around here?" Chris shouted.

"Lower down your voice, the kids are asleep and if you want to keep them that way then for god's sake get hold of yourself!" I said pushing away from the dining table.

"Oh that's right always pull the kids into our fight. How long are you going to hide behind them? You make it sound like they can't survive without you."

It was the same cycle again; every time Chris looked at our finances she hit the roof.

"Oh because you're so available for the kids and me. What would you know about what I do?"

"Are you saying I don't help with the kids?" Chris said following me into the living room.

"You parachute in here and there but no you're not there for us. I know your job is your priority, but sometimes we need to be your priority too."

"If I could depend on you helping support our household than maybe I could ease off of work," Chris shouted.

"Stop pushing me! I'm not you and I don't want to be you! I can't have this fight with you over and over again!" I walked over to the closet to grab my jacket and leave. I needed to get out of here before I said more things we would both regret. I put on my jacket and grabbed the keys to my motorcycle.

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