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I pulled into the driveway of Gregg and Callie's second home in the Hamptons. It looked beautiful as it was from the outside. I wonder what they were planning on doing that would need a major architectural overhaul. Oh well, what do I care.

I walked up to the grey door with a beautiful white trim and rang the doorbell. I waited for a few minutes wondering if I got the day and time wrong as I couldn't hear any sounds from inside. I rang the doorbell for a second time hoping I hadn't messed up.

I breathe deep assuming I've messed up the one thing that's made me happy in a long time and turn to walk back to my car. I drag my feet on the gravel driveway dreading the drive back to the city. I can already hear Raj's commentary.

"Anjali! Hey Anjali where are you going?"

I turn around to see Gregg running down the graveled driveway.

"Sorry, I thought you weren't home and I mixed up our appointment."

"Why are you saying sorry? I'm sorry, I was rushing to get off a call to get to the door; you're on time. Come on in," Gregg said as he held out his arm for me.

"Okay," I hesitated a bit before taking his arm. I felt nervous being alone with him.

"Is Callie here?" I asked as we entered the foyer covered with a beautiful minimalist chandelier, which was directly over an antique round table in the middle of the foyer decorated with a beautiful bouquet of white flowers.

"Oh you know Callie, she had some appointment or another in the city that she wasn't able to get away from. She sends her regards. I hope you don't mind. If you think major changes need to be made then we can have a second meeting with her and I'll make sure she has it on her calendar."

"No problem, I'm sure we won't need her for our first meeting. So can you give me a tour of the house and tell me what you're looking to do?"

"Yes, of course, but where are my manners? What would you like to drink? Coffee, tea, wine?"

"Actually, just some water would be great."

"Are you sure just water?"

"Yes, I'm sure," I smiled as my fingers fidgeted behind my back. I hope Gregg didn't notice how nervous I was. It had been so long since I had looked at a blueprint.

"Alright then, why don't you follow me and I'll show you the kitchen and the family room while I get some water."

I nodded and followed Gregg from the foyer down a long hallway that lead into a beautiful mainly white well lit kitchen.

"Wow, this is gorgeous!" I exclaimed as I took in the huge rectangular island in the middle of the kitchen that seemed so inviting for a fun filled family evening.

I looked at the six burners Viking stove with a built in grill; the top of the line kitchen gadgets; and still a ton of counter space left over.

"Callie must really like to cook this is a chef's dream come true," I said after checking out the kitchen.

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