My phone was buzzing and I smiled when I saw who was calling.

"Hi, Anjali, what's up?"

"Hi Alex. Am I calling you at a bad time?"

"It's never a bad time when you call me.  What's up? Do you need some help with the kids?"

"Actually, I was wondering if I could take you up on your offer to help me with some tech stuff.  I have all of this stereo equipment in the house and I'd really like to wire it up so I can have music playing throughout the house.  Raj bought all of the equipment and he was going to hire someone to do it, but he's been so busy and the equipment has been lying here in the den for weeks.  I'd love to do something about it.  Do you think you can help?"

"Absolutely.  Promise me a cup of chai and I'll be over in a half hour." I said.

"If all it takes is a cup of chai, you're hired.  You're much cheaper than the other guys I called." Anjali teased.

"See you soon."

Thirty minutes later I was in her den going through all of the equipment with my second cup of chai in my hand.

"How long will it take?"

"Give me a couple of hours and I should have your house wired with surround sound."

"Okay, I'll get out of your way so you can work."

"Anjali, you're never in my way.  I can show you how it all works if you want."

Anjali laughed, "When you're done you can show me how to use all of the remote controls to play the music."

I spent the next few hours going through her home and wiring each room.  I'd been to her home plenty of times, but I'd never been upstairs.  Going into all of her rooms gave me a peak into her life.  I knew the downstairs was always immaculate and ready for guests at a moment's notice.  I was surprised to see even upstairs each room was made up perfectly.  There were no clothes lying around or dirty laundry.  She could have staged her house for sale at a moment's notice.  Even the kid's rooms were clean and organized.  Each room was perfectly furnished.  Too perfectly furnished.  The style didn't fit Anjali's happy nature.  Each room was done in neutral tones.  For some reason I would have expected some pops of flash.  I was expecting something different, either lively or ethnic, but neither of those were present.  Each room seemed like it came out of a high profile NY magazine.

I walked into the kitchen to find her prepping for dinner.  "Are you ready for the demo?"

"You're done already?"


"Okay, show me how this works." She walked over to her CD collection and pulled one out. 

She put in the CD and I gave her the remote controls and showed her how to turn it on in each room.  And how to change the music for different rooms.

A song I hadn't heard before came on. 

She pushed a couple of buttons on the remote.  "Is this song playing in every room now?"

I smiled proud of my handy work.  "It is.  Come on let's test it."

As we walked into the den the lyrics started.

Na jaaane kab say

  Don't know since when

Umeedain kuch baaki hain

  Some hopes remain

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