Chapter 30 (Final): What Is It That You Really Want?

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”Well, you certainly look like a mess. Please come in, Niklaus, so can have a little talk and you can dry up a bit.” Elijah said courteously.

”Where is she?” Klaus repeated and stepped in. He was moving constanly, almost restlessly, and his eyes reflected something that Elijah interpret as some sort of desperation.

”Please, join me in the living room.” Elijah asked his brother. Elijah went to the sideboard and poured himself another drink and sat on the sofa. Klaus stayed standing in front of the sofa instead.

”Where is she?” Klaus repeated once again and stared demanding in Elijah eyes.

Elijah confronted his brother firmly and asked: ”Do you an answer to my question?” He paused. ”What would you do with the information about Caroline's whereabouts?”

”I... I need to see her.”


”I just need...”

”Need... You don't need anything, Niklaus. What is it that you WANT?” Elijah snorted. He was planning to put his brother back to the wall.

”Fine. I WANT to see her.” Klaus tried stubbornly to keep his intentions hidden.

”You're getting nowhere without convincing explanation. Last time you were balancing between love and I-want-to-rip-her-head-off -kinda feeling. I'm not putting Caroline in any danger just because you want to see her.” Elijah emphasized Caroline's name to shake his brother.

Klaus mumbled something that even Elijah couldn't hear. ”Could you please repeat that?” Elijah asked politely.

”I said, 'Please Elijah'.”

Elijah looked up on his brother. Something in his voice touched Elijah and the look on Klaus's face told it's story. Elijah stood up to confront his brother. He studied Klaus a long time, thinking at the same time if he could be trusted.

”She's resting upstairs in the guestroom.” Elijah finally said.

Klaus took a quick look to the ceiling and suddenly looked afraid. He was going to turn back when Elijah grabbed his upper arm and said quietly: ”She will not be harmed under my roof, do you understand?” Then he let Klaus go.

Klaus was shaking inside. He moved slowly, got up step by step and headed to the guestroom. The door was closed and there were no sounds coming from the room. Klaus grabbed the doorknob and opened the door silently and stepped in.

The room was dark, only on desk lamp shed it's soft light on the room. Caroline was laying asleep on the luxurious bed, she looked as beautiful as always. Then Klaus's eyes fixated to the bundle next to her. Caroline's arms rested lightly near the bundle, almost embracing it. Then the bundle moved and Klaus realized it was a baby.

His eyes widened and he gasped quietly, althought it made Caroline wake up. First she blinked, then she noticed Klaus and in a second she had grabbed the baby protectively in her arms and pushed herself back against the wall while standing on the bed.

”Klaus!” Caroline breathed cautiously. ”What are you doing here?!” She asked shocked but in the same time fought against the urge to just run to him instantly. Only the baby held her in place.

Klaus looked at her, emotions were storming inside of him but his face gave nothing out. Something clicked in his head. ”She's truly ready to fight for that baby, even against the ultimate, immortal enemy, me.” He thought. Once again Caroline had impressed him.

”I'm here to see you.” Klaus said in quiet voice, ”But apparently here is someone else to meet too.” Klaus stayed at the doorway and made no move to approach the bed.

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