Chapter 11: Friendship - Stage One: "Show Me That I Can Trust You"

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Klaus was in a dim mood.

He entered the small bar in which Camille worked and tried to act as normally as he could. Somehow today it was so much harder. Klaus was still cautious around Camille. Her saying that he had locked himself up had made him realize how badly he was all tied up. He had felt restless ever since. Worst of all, he couldn't paint, which was his usual way of dealing with the issues that bothered him.

That had lead him to his bar to get a drink and perhaps taking advantage of Camille's interest in human mind. He poundered if he really could trust her.

Klaus noticed that his compulsion worked, Camille kept her thoughts to herself, but he could not help but notice that her face gave away that she wanted to talk to him about the matter.

Klaus sighed and shook his head.

”Hey, you. My shift end in an hour. Would you like to see and talk after that?” Camille said suddenly.

”It would be my pleasure, my dear Camille.” Klaus answered slowly wondering what was going to happen.

”Cami.” She rolled her eyes once again and left to her duties.

Klaus sipped his single malt slowly for the next hour. All the time he was struggling with his basic instict to keep it all to himself and the urge to speak his feelings with someone who was a total outsider of his complex situation, to get a objective point of view. He reminded himsef to consider hard before letting go, if that was his choice. He didn't want any more of unexpected happenings.

By midnight Camille's shift was over and she and Klaus got outside the bar. They headed up to the lakeside and sat on the bench near by. Camille took a deep breath and said:

”Ok, here's the deal, I consider you as my friend. So it's like I'm not hitting on you or something because you're obviously … taken.” She struggled to go around not saying what she wanted.

Klaus rose his eyebrows and Camille continued:

”See?! That's thing. I really can't speak my mind, even if I want to. And that's not normal. I think you have something to do with that."

Klaus took a long, thoughtful look upon Camille's eyes and finally said:

”Look, I am going to let you in, but I have to secure it that you don't go around talking about my issues with anybody...”

”I wouldn't do that, you know that.” Camille assured.

”Just in case my Dear. Just in case.” Klaus smiled shortly and compelled her, ”You will never ever talk about these things we're going to talk about now to anyone, just me. Do you understand?”

”I won't talk about this to anyone but you.” Camille said plankly as the compulsion did it's work.

”Now you're free to speak up your mind.” Klaus let her go.

”So you are really messed up? Is that so because of that girl?” Camille questioned.

”No. I might be messed up but not because of her. Or not originally.” Klaus considered how much he would tell Camille about his supernatural backround. Then he thought it would be best to leave it out.

”I have trust issues because of my family, but that's not the case right now. See my Dear, I am in love with this breathtakingly amazing girl. First she found me her worst enemy, but now I think we're friends, or sort of.” Klaus started, feeling the weight in his chest lighten up a bit. ”But she has a boyfriend.”

Camille sighed. ”Of course.”

”A guy which I despise yet tolerate, only because of her. And for her sake I let them be.” Klaus said dimly. ”I told her that I would be waiting for her, no matter how long it takes and then I left.”

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