Chapter 2: The Bittersweet Departure

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Klaus took the first flight back to New Orleans. He leaned on his seat and closed his eyes. He had said his sort-of-a-goodbye to Caroline. He had given her a gift also. The one that made her the happiest, even though it didn't suit for him ever so. Tyler's freedom.

But he had made his choice to put her desires over his own and decided to ensure Caroline's happiness, no matter what. In his thousand years, he had seldom been so selfless as he was yesterday. But for her... he wanted to. Of course he would be glad if Caroline was so flattered about his act that she would run after him, but he knew that she wasn't that kind of a girl.

"I get it. Your father didn't love you, so you assume that no one else will either. And that's why you compel people or you sire them or you try to buy them off, but that's not how it works. You don't connect with people, because you don't even try to understand them."

Caroline's words came in to his mind. He didn't want to admit it, but somehow she just found his soft spots. She always knew what hurt him, though she rarely intend to do it herself. She was just honest. Brutally honest. One of the many qualities he admired in her.

Klaus wanted to connect with Caroline and understand her. That's why he had to leave and let her come to him in her own terms. He wouldn't use his usual tricks, not this time. That's how he would know that it was the real deal. Deep down he could only hope that would happen... someday.

Klaus sighed and let his body relax a little bit. In a small amount time he would be back to New Orleans and starting a new chapter in his life.

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