Chapter 7: Blinded By

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Author's note: Once again I suggest that you play the video on the side. I really love that song and I think it suits in this scene.

- Sophie_Juniper

Klaus wandered in the woods. It was time of the new moon and stars were shining dimly.

It was almost pitch black night, but he enjoyed the darkness. He founded it... poetic. Klaus closed his eyes and wandered on. He didn't hesitate a step. In the dark one must rely on his other senses rather than vision. Klaus did it just for fun. He cherished the sounds of the night-time forest, breathed deep the cool air and smelled and tasted the wilderness.

Through his shutted eyelids, Klaus catched a small blink of light. He immeadiately opened his eyes and tightened up, ready to fight if he had to. The source of light didn't move. Klaus started to approach carefully with a feeling of curiosity. The more closer he got the more brighter the source seemed and it resembled a human form.

”What is it?” Klaus whispered and started to feel like he could do nothing but get even closer. Klaus was drawn to it and wasn't sure if he liked the feeling or not. He took one sloppy step and silent 'crack' came out under his foot.

The figure turn to face Klaus and got him hypnotized. He couldn't blink or move. It was shocking. The figure approach Klaus slowly. As it got closer Klaus felt how it radiated light and warmth like the Sun. Klaus felt like burning in front of it and a quick thought of him catching fire came into his mind and made him choke. The figure rushed in front of him and took his face between it's gentle hands. It hushed Klaus and caressed his cheeks slowly.

The figure's sight was blindingly bright and Klaus didn't know how long he could take it. He was anxious and frightened, yet longing.

”See me.” The figure breathed.

”I can't.” Klaus answered suffering.

”See me!” The figure cried out and the burn of it's sight turned so bright that Klaus saw only white. It hurt so badly that it made Klaus shead a tear.

”I can't... I just can't!” Klaus was totally blinded. The feeling of helplessness rushed over him. And he hated it.

The figure gently took his hands and let him touch it's face. Klaus startled first but the figure moved his hand all over it's face and he visualized the figures features through his fingertips. After a while the figure took Klaus' hands off and whispered to his ear:

”Paint me.”

Klaus blinked his eyes and woke up in his own bed. He was in swetty and breathless. ”I have to paint” was the only thought that came in to his mind. He rose up and headed straight to his studio. He put a mid-size canvas on the easel and started to paint like a maniac. He couldn't blink, otherwise this odd vision of his dream would disappear and he knew that when it was gone, he would lose it forever.

He painted and painted for the day. To an outsider the painting would seem like white on white, but there were many shades white. In straight daylight you could see nothing but when the Sun went down Klaus lighted some candles and the painting came to life. Klaus finished with few small touches of a painting brush.

Klaus sighed from a relief and fell on his knees. He let his head bend down too. After a while Klaus lifted head and faced the painting of his. Wide and unconditionally happy smile spread out on his face. Now he knew exactly who the figure had been. The one who was full of light.


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