Chapter 22: Almost Perfect

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Caroline blinked slightly her eyes. ”It had to be just a dream...”

Her thoughts were blurry. Glimpses from last night... although she didn't even know if it was day or night... She and Klaus kissing... His hands studying her body with enthusiasm... her tearing up his shirt into pieces... his hungry lips all over caressing her skin, making her feel electrified... she giving him small gentle and not so gentle bites here and there which made him groan in a way which made her crazy about him... the two of them drowning their senses to each other...

Caroline felt her body aching... she would probably be on bruises if she still were a human... because the sex... the sex had been something out of this world... It wasn't anything like sweet and gentle love making... but rough and wild, like battling over who would get the other one over the edge first... more than just lust... it was like a life-depeding urge that just had to be filled...

All of it felt so surreal... yet Caroline knew it had really happened since she felt Klaus's calm breath in her hair... his arm resting around her waist... they spooning and being wrapped in the sheets in his bed. Caroline stirred a little, which made Klaus to tense his arm, like not wanting to let go, not even a little.

Caroline twirled around so she could face him. Caroline blinked her eyes a little more and studied his sleeping face. How someone, who could easily kill a man, or a dozen, could look so cute while sleeping. After a while she made a move to get up and felt Klaus locking her up in his arms.

”Where are you going...?” He murmured still his eyes shut.

”I'm going to get dressed.” She breathed and slid away from him grabbing the sheet and wrapping it around her body. She eyed the bedroom and noticed that her jeans were fine but her shirt was detroyed and obviously she didn't have anything to change with her. She gathered her lingerie from the floor and rushed to the dresser opposite of the bed.

”I need to borrow a shirt from you, because my own is torn someone” Caroline annouced officially as she opened the dresser.

Klaus was still a little drowsy but he grinned: ”You know, you look like a Greek goddess with that sheet wrapped around you like that, love...” He made Caroline blushing. Klaus used his hybrid speed to get behind her and whispered to her ear. ”Are you absolutely sure you want want to get dressed just yet?” He pulled her hair away from her neck and placed a seductive kiss on it.

”You are impossible!” Caroline tried to sound annoyed but couldn't help but giving out a little laugh. She pushed him back to bed and climbed on top of him. ”Is this going to be like this all the time?”

”Could you be more specific, love?”

”You don't allow me to get dressed... Next you'll have me locked up inside... and be your personal sex toy...” She said halfly joking. ”Because I have a life of my own you know?”

Klaus switched places with her, so he could be on top. He caressed her hair and muttered:

”You make it sound so alluring, love..."

They didn't talk for a while just looked at each other. It was like neither of them didn't want to break the enchantment between them.

”So what's it going to be like?” Klaus whispered as he stared Caroline straight in the eyes.

”I don't know. It's still hard for me to believe that I'm here and you're there.”

Klaus frowned. ”Any regrets?” He asked cautiously.

Caroline stared at him a moment and shook lightly her head. ”None.”

Klaus kissed her. This was a very different kiss, compared to the lustful ones from last night. This was slowly sweet and gentle, although it made Caroline feel the butterflies in her stomach once again.

”Where were you about to go after you'd got dressed?”

”Back to my place. I need some clothes and I really miss my curling iron.”

”But your hair is perfect the way it is right now...” Klaus touched her hair gently.

”Stop it...” Caroline blushed again.

”What, love?”

”Saying all those lovely things all the time... I can't cope with that... Not right now.” Caroline pulled her hands over her face and lurked Klaus between her fingers. He grinned at her.

”As you wish, love... Even though it'll be hard...”

”May I get up now and borrow that shirt?”

”You may...” Klaus freed her and watched her go back to the dresser. ”Caroline?”

”Yeah?” Caroline said while picking up a navy blue, long-sleeved shirt form Klaus's dresser.

”Where is this 'your place'?”

”Umm... not far.” Caroline hesitated. ”How come?”

”Is there anything I could do to persuade you to stay here instead?”

Caroline bit her lower lip. She had told Klaus in some point that Elena had left New Orleans and took Caroline's car with her. So obvivously there was no one waiting for her in the hotel.

Caroline had got her lingerie on and was now pulling the shirt on. ”Do you mean like..” She mumbled inside the shirt, ”staying as a guest or are you suggesting...” Her head popped from the neckline, ”that I move in?” Caroline asked and saw Klaus grinning, especially to the 'move in' part. ”Don't get me wrong but isn't that little fast?” She was a bit shocked.

”Always so perceptive about time...” Klaus muttered. ”So it's a no then?” He said sounding dissappointed and put his best puppy face on, if that could make Caroline to change her mind.

”ARGH! You're giving me that look again, aren't you?!” Caroline struggled and jumped on the bed. ”That's not fair! It's worse than compelling, you know?” She laughed and smacked him gently with a fluffy pillow.

”All you have to do love, to make me stop is just to say 'yes'.” Klaus said sweetly.

Caroline studied his face a long while. ”As much I would love that... I think I need a little more time... Please don't get mad.

Klaus wasn't happy about the answer. ”I don't, but you really have to make it up to me, love.” He hissed and kissed her.

He also get dressed and they went downstairs. He opened the door for her but Caroline stopped right after she had passed the doorway. She turned around with a thoughful look on her face.

”Umm...” Caroline pondered, ”maybe I come back tonight and return this shirt?” She actually didn't want to leave because she feared that it might be just a dream.

”Sounds wonderful...” Klaus said huskily. ”And maybe you would finally let me show what the world has to offer, starting from this city?” He suggested. ”Although I can see that you rather explore the world by yourself...”

”No, I would love that.” Caroline gave Klaus one of her most sweetest smiles.

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