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Love, Hate, and Friends  by blindwave
Love, Hate, and Friends by Katie Jones
How will everyone react when Caroline and Kol become unlikely friends? Set during season 4. Klaroline & Kennett
Their Anonymous Guardian Angel  by Mystical_Prophecy
Their Anonymous Guardian Angel by The Princess
The Mikaelson family celebrate Hope's birthday when an unexpected gift is delivered for her. With no idea who it is from, they wait curiously and patiently for the sende...
Return and Remember by elizpua
Return and Rememberby Eli púa
Caroline regrets the way she treated Klaus, and now she is given a second chance to make things right. Set after the season three finale. Warning: SLIGHT torture/rape in...
your last | klaroline by auqrelia
your last | klarolineby hi i’m hana!
vampires can't procreate. that was the rule every vampire had to agree to in order to turn. caroline didn't have a choice, seeing as katherine was the one who unwillingl...
Journey Through Time by MelisaNya
Journey Through Timeby MelisaNya
Bonnie tries to do a simple spell, but when were things ever simple in Mystic Falls? Caroline and Stefan were about to find out.
Klaroline - Destined Mates by Mystical_Prophecy
Klaroline - Destined Matesby The Princess
Klaus shifts one night that was beyond his control (shocking) because he normally has tremendous control and can shift at will, his wolf drags his vampire and human side...
Hybrids, mates, and love- Klaroline by uwufanficreader
Hybrids, mates, and love- Klarolineby 🌊.Fandom Shipper.🪐
*No hope *Season 5 of TVD * other plot lines are random ⚠️I do not own any tvd characters, this is just an AU plot I made up.⚠️ Please read, vote, share, etc! TYSM...
OUR HOPE by mehfish
OUR HOPEby mehfish
Discovered - Kolena by anonymouswriting17
Discovered - Kolenaby anonymous writing
Elena and Caroline moved away from Mystic Falls last year away from there lives what happens when someone finds them and there secret
New Town, New Friendships & New Loves by klaroline-4ever
New Town, New Friendships & New Lo...by klaroline-4ever
A story about people having a fresh new start. Now they are in a new place, fighting for their dreams, surrounded by new people, finding new friendships and maybe even l...
We're The Same by TFranklinLee
We're The Sameby QueenOfZelaria
"My name is Niklaus" "I'm Caroline" "How old are you Caroline?" "Almost 8" How would everyone's lives be different if Klaus had m...
When You Were Young by Prettylittletalker
When You Were Youngby Prettylittletalker
Time Travel Fic. Caroline, Stefan, and Elena time travel to the time when the Originals were human! The story starts at 3x10. Caroline receives a very special present fr...
Our Love Prevails {Stelena} (1) by dobrevawesley
Our Love Prevails {Stelena} (1)by Chelsea
Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert are a young couple who are ready to start their lives together. They've been through high school together, stood by one another throug...
Assholes...so Original.(Klaroline) by lilbuffin
Assholes...so Original.(Klaroline)by lilbuffin
Klaroline, Kennet, Kalijah, and Stebekah all in one.
A Persistent Lover by elizpua
A Persistent Loverby Eli púa
The gang has failed to kill Klaus and Caroline decides she needs to get out of Mystic Falls. She hardly suspects him to go after her. Pd: put on your headset, soundtrack...
Love spell by BobMob7
Love spellby BobMob7
Bonnie casts a spell finding out who elanas, carolines and her soulmates are. Lets just say it wasnt how they planned. Or was it a warning? (Completed)
Unexpected Surprise - Klaroline by Mckenna_Gracine16
Unexpected Surprise - Klarolineby McKenna Gracine
Klaus wakes up in the middle of the night, alone in his New Orleans home just two weeks after promising to leave Mystic Falls and never return. He forced into his wolf...
The One You Once Were by MinaLencester
The One You Once Wereby MinaLencester
When one of Bonnie's spells goes horribly wrong, Caroline finds herself back in the days no vampires exsisted. More specifically, in the town of the Mikaelson family, wh...
Past Revelations: Uncover by JemaSepoe7
Past Revelations: Uncoverby Jema Sepoe
Amongst Hope Mikaelson's tragic story there is also beauty. Everything she knew was about to be crashed and renewed for her life has been planned for her. With new revel...