68 Days And Counting by nikki20038
68 Days And Countingby nic
~Sequel to The Bad Boy And The Tomboy~ Macy Anderson and Sam Cahill are together in Manchester, England living the new university life. Their relationship is striving as...
  • soccer
  • badboy
  • humor
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Starbucks Lovers (Percabeth AU) by SkyeSolace
Starbucks Lovers (Percabeth AU)by Young Fun Now
Percy works at a Starbucks in New York, he has graduated high school his life is average but he's still single he has no interest in women ,until a certain blonde hair g...
  • leo
  • hazel
  • percy
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The Diary Of Hazel (2016 Watty Award Winner - The Diary Series #1) by Chloe_Kaydee_x
The Diary Of Hazel (2016 Watty Awa...by Chloe Kaydee
|| Highest Rank: #13 Short Story and #1 Hidden Gems! ❤ x || Watty Award: People's Choice 2016 || Hunter Ryan finds something when hiding in the old Janitor's closet...
  • sad
  • love
  • hiddengems
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Dear Hazel (The Diary Series #2) by Chloe_Kaydee_x
Dear Hazel (The Diary Series #2)by Chloe Kaydee
|| The Sequel to 'The Diary Of Hazel' || Highest Rank: #12 Short Story <3 || Hazel Bradley has been through a lot, so much that she had a diary to unload in. What h...
  • wattys2016
  • romance
  • hunter
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A possesion by palakrathod2000
A possesionby palakrathod2000
"Leave me alone" "Thats the 1 thing i cant do" he replied smiling he held me tightly against the wall . i hissed in pain " Are you hurting &qu...
  • possesion
  • badboy
  • hatred
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A Tale of Romans and Slaves | PJO/HOO by iheartshipper
A Tale of Romans and Slaves | PJO...by Kate
This is not a happy story. Let's take Percy, for example. He was a poor fisherman's son who was perfectly happy with his life. Then he was thrown into slavery, in the...
  • heroesofolympus
  • slave
  • royaltyau
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PERCY JACKSON,MY PAST[COMPLETE](#YourStoryIndia)(#Watty2017)(#bluebirdaward2017) by bookbreath
Well getting betrayed and then becoming mortal was not in Percy's bucket list . But it happened. And it was horrible. But then again he started his life as mortal and be...
  • leo
  • void
  • bluebirdawards2017
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Famous (A Percabeth story) by chaseandfray
Famous (A Percabeth story)by Sam
Annabeth Chase is a well known actress and model. She's loved by lots and has the benefits of a celebrity life, but still faces daily problems like you everyday. What w...
  • grover
  • fanfic
  • hazel
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Café Noisettes | Graphics by YOONGBERRY
Café Noisettes | Graphicsby YOONGBERRY
Welcome to Café Noisettes, an online platform where you can get steaming hot covers. A group of handsome boys will deliver your orders and chat with you, no matter what...
  • graphics
  • café
  • blackpink
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Percy Jackson, Elements( A Chaos Theory)(#Watty2017)(#bluebirdawards2017) by bookbreath
Percy Jackson, Elements( A Chaos T...by Yash
Betrayal, lost, alone,death . All these things followed him everywhere. But his everywhere was in Tartarus itself. Sentenced to Tartarus. But he promised gods he will co...
  • annabeth
  • thalia
  • bluebirdawards2017
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Truth or Dare, Percy Jackson by _camphalfblood__
Truth or Dare, Percy Jacksonby PJO/HOO fandom!
Percy Jackson Truth or Dare! What happens when you put a group of demigods in a cabin, and they play Truth or Dare? Well let's find out! Enjoy!
  • truthordare
  • frank
  • stolls
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Percy Jackson Jokes [ COMPLETED ] by scrrys
Percy Jackson Jokes [ COMPLETED ]by eccedentesiast
☆ first part of percy jackson jokes !! ☆ not all jokes are mine !! ☆ rankings; 》category: #17 on random 》hashtags; #1 on pjo | #1 on hoo #1 on joke | #6 on jokes
  • jackson
  • frank
  • frazel
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PERCYJACKSON,SACRIFICE(#Watty2017)(#YourStoryIndia)COMPLETE by bookbreath
A thing Percy would have never did. Break up with Annabeth. Well he did. But why? What was more tempting or important for Percy than Annabeth. Will Annabeth get back her...
  • percyjackson
  • watty2017
  • bluebirdsawards2017
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A Simple Promise by Music_is_my_sanity
A Simple Promiseby profangurl
"W-where is she" we all turned our heads to Percy who stumbled onto the ship. "Where's Annabeth?!?!" He shouted louder. Jason toke a step forward &q...
  • percico
  • hazel
  • calypso
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Demigods Texting by ohschist
Demigods Textingby Todo Doki Doki
Leo has been at it again, this time, he's created monster-proof phones for everyone. How will the demigods fare with this new power? Will their relationships survive? R...
  • percabeth
  • percyjackson
  • demigods
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The Gods and demigods read what happened in Tartarus SLOW UPDATES by homework9
The Gods and demigods read what ha...by Goldilocks
The question we have almost all though of at one point, what would have happened if only Percy fell into Tartarus? The gang gets together on Olympus because of those pes...
  • annabethchase
  • olympus
  • thalia
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The Alpha Saved Me by bonezzzzzz
The Alpha Saved Meby lily<3
Hazel Clarke is a shy, quiet girl who likes to stay out of the crowds. She hates being center of attention. Hazels life isn't as nice as it may seem to others. She has...
  • jaxon
  • luna
  • pack
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Adopted by 5SOS by bailofhayl
Adopted by 5SOSby Hayl
Hazel wasnt the average girl, being from an orphanage, not having a clue who her parents were. But when four boys show up with intentions to have a kid running around th...
  • hazel
  • ashton
  • books
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Heroes of Olympus/Magnus Chase Sickfics by Anna_Grace1996
Heroes of Olympus/Magnus Chase Sic...by Anna
This is just a collection of different sick fics, my ultimate weakness, about our favorite demigods and Norse einharjar. Most stories will only have one part but we'll...
  • nico
  • annabeth
  • jason
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Pjo and HoO Truth or Dare/ Fanfic by ReadingPal14
Pjo and HoO Truth or Dare/ Fanficby I am The ReadingPal14
  • hoo
  • frank
  • jason
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