The Flower The Blooms Under Your Heart (In Place Of A Demon) by AlyssaJackson17
The Flower The Blooms Under Your "You must stay drunk on writi...
Where there is darkness there will always be a light, and where there is light there will be a bud of nature.
  • flower
  • light
  • codependency
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The Dark Ones by Soph93fofi
The Dark Onesby Sophie
"The world is divided. There is good. There is evil. There are humans. And then there's us. The Dark Ones. Of course, where there is darkness, there is light...
  • fiction
  • angelsanddemons
  • dark
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Vixen by erinnnnn_x
Vixenby erinnnnn_x
Elizabeth was abandoned by her biological parents when she was 8. Left alone on the streets of America, something happened which changed her life forever. She was adopte...
  • control
  • light
  • vixen
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More Than A Friend by WonderStorm_666
More Than A Friendby Hope Parton
What happens when your only and best friend is your mother?
  • daughter
  • light
  • mother
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Flowers Light the Way by Wels_Maiden
Flowers Light the Wayby Wels_Maiden
After centuries of slowly killing the Earth, humans finally got what they deserved. Death. Only a few million still remained, but as husks of their former selves. As the...
  • flowers
  • appacoliptic
  • fantasy
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Strawberry by bella2622
Strawberryby bella2622
Ellie od dawna musi radzić sobie sama, ponieważ jej mama zginęła w wypadku. Pracuje w kawiarni Strawberry jako kelnerka, gdzie pewnego dnia poznaje intrygującego, ale i...
  • southamerica
  • dancer
  • dance
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Lightbulb X (Girl!)READER (Fluff) by Rainbow_goddess101
Lightbulb X (Girl!)READER (Fluff)by Lightbulb
BECAUSE I HAVE NO shAME if u give me luv ill do smut too
  • inanimateinsanity
  • girlxgirl
  • girlreader
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The Battle Of Dark And Light by Self-VoDsBeta
The Battle Of Dark And Lightby Seeker The Dark Swordsman
SAMB is an online MMORPG game. And those who play the game are called SAMBers or a SAMBer. Not only does the SAMB have a game website but it has a forum section which th...
  • deception
  • traitor
  • fantasy
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The Light in her Eyes by NekoSashax
The Light in her Eyesby Sasha Plays
Yosuke Hashirama meets a beautiful pick-haired outgoing young girl. The two embark on a fluffy Romance together.
  • hereyes
  • yosuke
  • akira
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L'ange tombé du ciel by LadyShadow22
L'ange tombé du cielby LadyShadow22
Je ne connais pas mon nom, ni même d'où je viens. Tout ce que je sais, c'est que je ne suis pas comme les autres, ces êtres appellés humains. Je n'avais aucun endroit po...
  • llawliet
  • policier
  • romance
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Heliophobic ||J.HS|| by crae_tae
Heliophobic ||J.HS||by couch potato
Drawn to the darkness. Afraid of the light. Heliophobia// extreme fear of any form of light
  • fanfiction
  • light
  • junghoseok
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I Was Here, You Are Here (A short Story) by ZykFier
I Was Here, You Are Here (A ZykFier
A short story that tackles the hardships of fighting for those who love you and those who only you love
  • usagainsttheworld
  • schizophrenia
  • shortstory
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Safety Light Curtains Market: 2018 Industry Trend and Forecast 2022 by mandar1006
Safety Light Curtains Market: mandar khisti
Global Safety Light Curtains Market Research Report - By Component (Light Emitting Diodes, Photoelectric Cells, Control Units, Displays, & Enclosures), by Safety Level T...
  • share
  • safety
  • curtains
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Led Bulb provider in India | Long Lasting Outdoor Flood Light Bulbs by AllPost1
Led Bulb provider in India | AllPost1
Prudent Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an Indore (M.P.) based company working in the field of Renewable Energy and LED Lighting solutions.Led Bulb provider in India An LED street...
  • led
  • manufacturer
  • high
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Magic Academy's Dragon Rider by Blood2Flame
Magic Academy's Dragon Riderby Black Dragon
My name Adara White, today is the day we find out if we have magic or if we are a Rider. I can't wait to find out what I am. In this story, Adara is something special. S...
  • darkness
  • school
  • action
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My feelings in writing  by wolfobsession22
My feelings in writing by Emily Michelle
My peons from my English poetry unit and some that I've written and are going to write. They are my feelings in writing and my life in writing
  • light
  • love
  • dark
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Aislados de la Luz by Gondlir
Aislados de la Luzby Fjölnir
Eve y Jordan-12, una titán y un cazador, luchan por sobrevivir tras el ataque de la Legión Roja de los cabal a la Ultima Ciudad. Tras ser privados de la Luz del Viajero...
  • cazador
  • otp
  • luz
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Demon? Angel? Black Goop!?!? by shrillpugglewuggle
Demon? Angel? Black Goop!?!?by shrillpugglewuggle
Read it, please!
  • wilford
  • anti
  • light
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Me. by Biishr Biishr
A teenager, who suffered from depression. Explaining the cause of his depression, how he dealed with it, and finally how he got out of it.
  • dark
  • sadness
  • pain
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