Chapter 29: The Childbirth

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Caroline felt the pressure inside of her growing every day that passed. Her baby bum grew and so did her hunger for blood. Caroline thought that she had never experienced a hunger like this before. She had to drink blood almost constantly and even when she had just fed, she noticed that she daydreamed on something like draining some streetwalker. It was getting serious and Caroline knew that.

Caroline struggled for two weeks ahead. It was a stormy autumn night when she was sitting on the sofa in front of the fire, draining the fifteenth bloodbag on a row. That was the time she had enough and cried out:

”This is it! I can't, I JUST CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!! I feel like I'm exploding and I'm probably going to kill somebody soon because of my appetite!!”

Elijah, who had been reading in the study appeared next to Caroline who begged him:

”Please, call Sophie!”

Elijah nodded and dialed Sophie while Caroline slumped on the sofa, exhausted. Elijah discussed with Sophie in a quiet voice. Caroline caressed her tummy, although it didn't make her feel any less explosive. A tear came to her eye before she could stop it.

Klaus hadn't showed up. Or called or anything. Caroline felt like he had wiped her away from his life for good. His silence was even worse than his open rage and hatred. Caroline felt her heart finally break and she had lost all her hope for him. All she had left of him was this child, his child.

”I will value him and protect him with my life”. Caroline vowed by herself. ”I will give my whole heart to this child.” She glinged to the thought untill a sudden aspect came into her mind. ”What if he's taken from me?” Caroline panicked. She set her eyes on Elijah, who was still on the phone. ”Could he do it? After all he had said?” Caroline puzzled in her mind. Elijah was related to the child by blood, he was his uncle. She on the other hand wasn't the child's real mother. What if the Original Family would claim the child and banish her, not allowing her to see the child never again after she had given birth to the child. Caroline started to hyperventilate.

”Caroline, is something wrong dear?” Elijah speeded in front of Caroline and kneeled down to meet her eyes.

”AREYOUGOINGTOTAKEHIMAWAYFROMMEAFTERTHIS?!” Caroline spluttered and tried to have air.

”Caroline, I can't understand what are you saying!” He said firmly. ”Please slow down and breathe.” To the phone he said: ”Hurry!” and shut it down.

”Are you...” Caroline said fixating her eyes to Elijah's, ”taking him away from me...” She gasped, ”after this?”

”Why would I do such a thing?” Elijah said abashed.

”Because... I'm not his real mother.”

Elijah took Caroline's hand and squeezed it hard. ”Even though you two not share blood, you are his mother and therefore part of our family and I would never do anything that would tear my family apart from each other.”

Caroline stared into Elijah's eyes and then threw herself into hugging him. Elijah wasn't aware of this and ffirst he was quite rigid, but soon he relaxed and answered to her hug genuinely and comforting.

”Thank you.” Caroline whispered as she released Elijah.

Elijah gave her a smile. ”Sophie is arriving soon.”

And so she did. Sophie had the doctor-witch called Hazel, who seemed to be on her late 50's, with her. ”Are you ready?” Sophie asked Caroline who nodded eagerly.

They prepared an operation space in the dining room. Sophie spread a big white sheet over the table and Caroline laid on to it. Hazel prepared the operation tools and soon she was ready to operate Caroline. As the scalpel incised Caroline's skin, she cried out like she stabbed.

Hazel stopped immediately. ”She's too tense and tender.” She said to the others. ”It's okay honey.” Hazel appeased Caroline who seemed hyperventilate again. ”It's okay to be nervous.”

Hazel caresses Caroline's hair, hushed and spoke to her in a motherly voice. ”I think we need to use some vervain to anesthetize you, so you don't flinch while we operate you. We don't want to the baby get hurt, do we? So is it okay to you if I give you the injection?”

Hazel's voice soothed Caroline and she agreed to the suggestion. Hazel winked Sophie to give her bag and searched a syringe and a small bottle of liquid vervain. Hazel prepared the injection and before the actual sting she said softly:

”This stings a bit.”

Caroline grimaced as the vervain entered to her system and soon after that, everything went black.


Caroline blinked. Her body ached a lot, mostly her neck where injection had been put and her tummy, which was know flat like it used to be before the baby. Caroline realized that she was no longer in the dining room but laying in the soft bed in the guestroom she had been living while staying as Elijah's guest.

Caroline moved clumsily into a sitting position. Sophie who had been napping in the armchair in the corner woke up.

”Hey, you are awake!” She smiled to Caroline.

”Yeah. Is everything ok?” Caroline asked coarsely. ”Where is...?”

”Here HE is!” Hazel said warmly as she entered the room carrying a beautiful baby boy. ”I already checked him, he's totally fine. Congratulations!” She said as she handed the baby to Caroline who was eager to meet the newborn.

”Hey...” She said to the baby when she got him in her arms in which he fitted perfectly. He was wrapped in a soft white blanket and Caroline embraced him with an admiring look on her face.

”I can't stop smiling.” She looked to Hazel and Sophie who smiled her back.

Caroline saw Elijah in the doorway. He walked slowly next to the bed and sat near Caroline and the baby. Eijah admired the boy who yawned and started to sniffle quietly.

Sophie and Hazel started to leave. ”We'll let you rest and get to know to the new member of the family. Call us if you need.” Hazel went to Caroline and placed gentle kiss her forehead.

”Thank you.” Caroline whispered to her and Hazel smiled her warm motherly smile back to Caroline. After that they left Elijah, Caroline and the baby by themselves in the guestroom.

”He's wonderful.” Elijah said softly.

”Yes he is.” Caroline admitted. The baby reacted to the sound of their voices and jiggled a little while opening his eyes. Caroline looked into them and saw something familiar in them. Tears came in to her eyes.

”He has his father's eyes.”

Elijah nodded as he understood what mixture of joy and grief that matter had aroused in Caroline. Elijah noticed that despite Caroline had been unconsious during the operation, she seemed a little exhausted and so did his nephew.

”I'll let you two rest.” Elijah said leaving Caroline alone with the baby. He shutted the guestrooms door and went downstairs to order cleaning service and have a drink to celebrate the birth of his nephew. After a phone call to get cleaning he poured a large portion of the finest bourbon in to the glass and enjoyed it slowly.

After a while Elijah heard that someone was on the door. ”Well, that was fast.” He thought and went to open the door.

Except that there was no member of the cleaning service on the door.

”Where is she?” It was soaking wet and messy Klaus.

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