Chapter 28: Haunting Thoughts And Conflicting Feelings

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Everything settled for a while. Caroline stayed at Elijah's house as a guest, and neither of them heard about Klaus. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned to a month.

Caroline tried her best to live as normally as she could. It wasn't safe for her to go out, because Marcel might have detected her and force her to tell the true story of her staying in the city much longer than she said she would. So Caroline spend most of her time indoors. Since Caroline had decided to postpone her college studies to next period, she read this and that and did some pre-studying as a good-natured student.

Actually, Caroline tried to keep her mind as busy as she could so she did not think of him... After all she missed him more than ever. The nights were the hardest parts and sometimes she silently weeped after Klaus. Caroline had thought that Klaus might come into his senses after a while of thinking. That what Caroline did actually was the right thing to do and he would understand that she did it for him too, not just for herself or the baby's sake. Caroline had hoped that Klaus would forgive her her actions and be with her again.

”He's never going to forgive me.” The thought haunted Caroline day and night and she thought that she might became insane if there wasn't a life growing inside of her. She focused her energy between light studying and the well-being of the baby. To others, like Elijah and Sophie she tried to keep on pretty positive act, but she sensed that they knew better than that, althought they kept their thoughts on their own.


On one rainy night, Sophie stopped by to her weekly checkup with Caroline and the baby.

”How you've been this week?” She asked after regular examinations. Sophie had in mind that Caroline might want to talk after weeks not hearing about Klaus.

”Pretty good, although I'm getting more and more thirsty all the freaking time! It seems like I need to drink blood like gallons per day now.” Caroline babbled.

”Seems like this 'bloody diet' of yours is good for the baby.” Sophie said cheerfully. ”I think it is natures way to tell that you're doing the right thing. I mean, he's grown so much in the past month that I think he'll come out sooner than a regular baby.”

”You really think it's a he?” Caroline's eyes sparkled and Sophie nodded. ”I thought so too.” Then Caroline fell silent and her face had a concerned look. ”How does he come out? When he does come out? Because it's becoming quite uncomfortable here...”

”The safest, and the only choice for hat matter is the C-section, we'll cut him out.” Sophie said. ”Don't worry, I'll be there and we have a witch that works as a part-time doctor in her 'normal' life. She'll be there to help.” Sophie eyed Caroline's tummy. ”Your body wants to maintain it's figure and the baby is constantly pushing it to it's limits but the longer you take care of him the stronger he gets. Try to hang in there as long as you can and when you feel that you can't take it any longer, it is his time to be born.” Sophie said engouragingly.

Caroline nodded for the agreement. She would hang in the as long as she had to.

”So, have you thought a name yet?” Sophie tried to light up the atmostphere.

Caroline shook her head. ”No, not yet.” She wasn't sure if she should pick a name or not. Because of Klaus...

Elijah walked into the room. ”Sophie.” He said and nodded as a greeting to her. ”Caroline- dear, I'm going out to take care of some business. I wont be gone for long.” He annouced vaguely.

”Sure, take all the time you need.” Caroline answered and appreciated the courtesy of his.

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