Chapter 16: Shouldn't We Just Go Then?

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Elena grabbed Caroline's hand and they entered to a dance club. Tonight was going to be all about dancing until they would drop, which would be a tough challenge since they both were vampires. Nonetheless, they headed straight to the dance floor under the glinting lights.

The pounding music was so loud that Caroline couldn't hear her own thought, although she was glad about that. She had shed her tears enough for one night. If there was something good about it, at least she and Tyler had broken up as friends and there was no third parts involved. Caroline breathed in and out to calm herself down and to let the sad thoughts go.

Elena danced around her and took Caroline's hands in hers. Caroline giggled and let it all go. At that moment she just wanted to feel herself young, beautiful and free.

Caroline and Elena danced for hours, never getting off the dance floor. They received many flattering looks but no one made a move to hit them.

It was 3 a.m. When Elena and Caroline got out the dance club. They were giggling and walking away when young man shoved up from the staff's door behind their backs.

”Hi, girls!” He said with a British accent.

Caroline was stunned. ”Klaus?” was her first thought. She turned around and didn't saw Klaus but this young guy.

”Nice moves back there.” The guy pointed the club with his thumb. ”You gals really owned the dance floor. Me and my mate were hoping you'd have come to get some drinks but I guess you were here just for the dancing.” He flirted with a cocky attitude.

Caroline shook her head a little to get Klaus out of her head and Elena rolled her eyes.

”How come I've not seen you gorgeous birds here before?” The guy started to sound too cheesy. He took few steps to get closer the girls.

Caroline and Elena looked upon each other and were certain about that they both were starting to get bored with this guy.

”We're not locals.” Elena said plankly and waved her hand to Caroline as a sign to leave.

”Hey, hey, hey...” The guy grabbed Caroline's hand, since she was nearer to him, ”Where are you going?” He smiled and was ignorant about the fact that his charm didn't work for the girls. ”I was hoping that you'd join me and my mate at the club after closing time.”

Caroline's eyes narrowed and she asked the guy sharply:

”What's your name?”

”Oh, didn't I mention it?” The guy faked innocent and then smiled arrogantly, ”It's Andre. What's yours love?”

”Don't call me 'love'.” Caroline said and freed her hand from his grab. As Andre tried to catch her again she grabbed him from the neck instead and stared right into Andre's eyes compelling him.

”You should really learn to notice when it is time to back off. Now go before I punch that cocky smile from your face. You never saw us after we left from the bar, understood?”

”Understood.” Andre said plankly.

Caroline released him and walked away with Elena.

”What a jerk!” Elena mumbled.

”You don't say?!” Caroline agreed

Caroline and Elena got back to their residence. Elena went straight to bed and fell asleep in minutes. Caroline on the other hand didn't get sleep. She kept seeing Klaus everytime she closed her eyes. She quietly punched her pillow few times, rolled all over and finally got so frustrated that she needed to get up before she might scream.

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