Chapter 13: The Agony That Lingers On

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Caroline weeped the rest of that day. She couldn't speak after admitting that she was no longer in love with Tyler. Elena let her be and when the night came she told Caroline that she was going to get some blood for them.

”How can I feel this way, after all we've been through”, she scolded herself for millionth time. She whopped her head with her pillow aggressively.

Finally she could take no more. She stood up and went to the bathroom. As she eyed herself from the mirror, she regognized that she was a total mess. Her eyes were blood red and puffy, her hair tangled and her face grayish. The expression on her face was the worst, a death like.

”Ok, Caroline. Gather yourself up and take a shower.” Caroline commanded herself. She undressed and dragged herself in the shower. Hot water sort of revived her back to life. She scrubbed her face and disentangled her hair with loads of conditioner and a sparse comb. It took her about 30 minutes to get out of the bathroom.

”You're back!” Caroline cried out as she saw Elena coming in their room.

”And you're able to speak again. Here, have some, you must be thirsty.” Elena answered and threw Caroline a blood bag.

”The Moses H Cone Memorial Hospital?” Caroline raised her eyebrows questioning.

”It was the nearest.” Elena just acknowledged. ”Drink.”

Caroline drank and started to feel little better, more like herself again. Elena drank the blood too. As they finished Elena took the empty bloodbags, went out and dugged them deep in the dumbster. When she returned Caroline had dressed herself up and sat on the bed.

”So what are we going to do next?” Elena asked gently. ”Are you going to call Tyler?”

”No, not tonight. I'm still too upset.” Caroline breathed.

”Ok. But are we leaving Greensboro?”

”Yeah, I think so. I feel like I can drive now.”

”If you're certain about it. Let me just call Damon quickly, to let him know our plans.” Elena said slightly unsurely.

”Take the time as long as you need.” Caroline waved her arm in large curve as she allowed Elena to do as she said.

After Elena's phone call they checked out of their residence and got in the car.

”I'll drive.” Elena said as there was no other choice.

Caroline almost objected but Elena silenced her with one look. Caroline sighed and offered the car key to Elena and sat on the passenger's seat. Elena started the car and off they went again.

Elena drove and Caroline fell in some sort of a coma. She looked through the car window but saw nothing. She repeated her previous thoughts over and over again. How could she ever confront Tyler and say that she was no longer on love with him when even a thought of it made her heart break into a million pieces. How could she do something like that to the person she loved?

”Oh!” Caroline breathed as the realization come to her and she bursted in to tears once more.

”What is it Care? Are you ok?” Elena worried.

”I just realized how you must have felt at the time when Rebekah compelled you to reveal your true feelings to Stefan.” Caroline sobbed. ”How afwul that must have been.. And how crappy friend I have been to you because I couldn't or even tried imagine how you felt and I was only concerned about Stefan.” Caroline hid her face in her palms.

Elena pulled up the car to the road shoulder and caught Caroline in big comforting hug and whispered:

”It's ok Caroline. I'm glad that you were there for him. Hush now... It's ok. Now you know how I felt and I know how you feel right now. It's not easy, to tell someone you care about that you don't feel the same way about them anymore.. But in the long term it is the best. You deserve to be happy and so does he.”

”But it feels such a waste!” Caroline weeped. ”After all we've been through and now I just like threw it all out.”

”That's life Caroline. Things don't always go in the way we want them to.” Elena said sadly. She caressed Caroline's back consolingly. ”Do you want to call him right away or do you need few days to think about this?”

”I think I need a few days, just to settle myself first,” Caroline cried and laughed the same time and it sounded hysterical. ”I'm so sorry Elena.” She said severely while wiping her eyes.

”I forgive you.” Elena said looking straight into Caroline's eyes. ”And I'll guarantee that you'll survive this.”

Caroline felt little stronger when she had Elena by her side. Luckily this best friends relationship between her and Elena was stronger than ever.

”Ok, where are you taking me?” Caroline sniffled and grinned.

”We are going to Atlanta, Georgia! ” Elena smirked back.

”Hey, my dad's boyfriend Steven lives there! We should visit him!” Caroline cried out but then got cautious, ”Or maybe not.. We haven't been in touch since dad passed away...”

”Maybe we'll spot some TV-stars from our favorite shows instead?” Elena tried to cheer Caroline up.

”Maybe.” Caroline chuckled but there was a hint of exhaustion in her voice.

Elena noticed that and assured her that it was ok to have a nap while she drove. Caroline was so grateful about that and soon it all started to blur in her eyes. After few minutes she fell asleep. All the stress wiped away from her face. Elena gave her a caring look and hoped that everything would work out for Caroline.

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