Chapter 24: Hanging In The Balance

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"Do you think I want to pay any attention to that wolf girl right now?!" Klaus barked to Elijah.

"Niklaus, I insist." Elijah said emphatically.

"It's ok, Klaus." Caroline murmured still little embarrased about Elijah seeing what he saw. "We dont want to waste anymore time if it's an emergency, like Elijah said. Let's go."

"No." Klaus said severely. "I don't want you to have any part of this mess. Stay here, I'll be back soon."

"But...?!" Caroline started to dissagree.

"No buts!" Klaus spat out. He was obviously on his bad mood. "Elijah." He snarled and signed him to show the way. They used their supernatural speed to get on their way.


Klaus and Elijah headed to the old cemetery near the city borders. Klaus hated the place. Firstly, in here he had been told that Hayley was carrying his child, which he consired as a bad news. He'd probably be told something as amusing as that this time too. Secondly, he had noticed that this was a witch cemetery, where almost all the dead witches of New Orleans covens had been buried. Loads of power lingered on this place and Klaus was uncertain if it was favorable to him or not.

"This better be worth of my presence because I certainly would have better things to do..." Klaus snarled to Elijah bitterly.

"Unfortunately I don't know what is exactly the matter but Sophie assured me that this is serious." Elijah answered quietly.

They entered to the same cave crypt they had met the witches before. The cave was full of white candles and the flames flickered because of the light air draught. The witches stayed partly in the shadows, showing some respect to the Original family members. Sophie had kneeled down to Hayley, who was lying unconscious on the ground. She twitched from time to time.

"Good, you are here. We don't have much time." Sophie, the sad eyed witch whispered to the arriving Originals.

"Spit it out, I have much better things to do." Klaus groaned unpatiently.

"Are you sure about that? It's the matter of life and death here, particularly Hayley's and your unborn child's." Sophie accused.

"I don't care about them..." Klaus started.

"Hush, brother." Elijah snapped at him and gestured Sophie to continue, "Tell us what's the matter."

"We didn't expect this, since everything was fine first." Sophie started quietly. "But apparently nature gives us a hard time now. We think that Hayley's body can't handle the whole pregnancy."

"What do you mean?" Elijah asked concerned.

"She is in great pain. We had to give her some herbs to and make her unconscious, so it would be easier to her." Sophie looked down to Hayley with pity in her eyes. "She's not strong enough to carry this baby. She can't heal fast enough to maintain in good shape."

"It is done then." Klaus cheered sarcastically. "Finally this farce is over." He headed to the entry to leave.

Elijah caught his brother from the elbow. "Isn't there anything we could do?" He asked from Sophie.

"There is a spell..." Sophie started.

"Hah! You can't perform it since Marcel finds out about it and kills you all!" Klaus laughed.

"Be quiet!" Elijah scolded his younger brother.

"We have talked a lot about that," Sophie directed her words to Klaus, "and we think that he has to have someone like us on his side. An outsider, not anyone from the New Orleans." She said severely. " That's why he knows when magic is practiced."

"So, the solution is to find and kill the witch?" Elijah questioned and made all the witches to hiss.

"There is no time for that." Sophie said. "But the spirits are on our side. They have promised to cover us for a little while as we do the spell. Just this once. So we don't get caught."

Elijah lightened up for a little. "How does this spell work?"

"Don't be a fool, Elijah!" Klaus spat out. "It's a doomed idea."

Elijah turned to face his brother. "I'll do anything, anything for our family. I thought you would do the same." He sounded extremely dissappointed to Klaus which made Klaus feel very uneasy.

"They are not our family..." He muttered.

"What has that girl over there and the unborn baby ever do to you so that they deserve your despise and your hatred?" Elijah raised his voice just a hint.

Klaus pouted but remained silent. Elijah turned back to Sophie and repeated his previous question. "How does this spell work?"

"It allows us to switch the baby from one body to another." Sophie clarified. "Similar to moving soul between bodies but trickier. There is always a risk, it claims the power of 12 witches and we need to be completely focused, no distractions." She gave a serious look on Klaus.

"Don't you look at me like that..." Klaus said a threath in his voice.

"How is that possible?" Elijah cut off.

"It's very challenging magic and it might not work." Sophie warned. "It's possible because the baby's body and soul are yet pure and undeveloped. These are the final moments when we can do this kind of spell. Later it'll be impossible."

"So do it then." Elijah requested.

"The spirits are ready when we are ready." Sophie annouced quietly. "But we need another carrier. Someone stronger, who can take it."

Klaus chuckled to the idea that someone would volunteer to take the burden. Elijah wanted some more information. "I'll find someone."

"You don't have to." Caroline annouced and stepped in. "I'll do it."

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