Chapter 12: Cracks Of A Heart

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Caroline and Elena left Mystic Falls behind.

”Where you want to go?” Elena asked Caroline when they came in to a crossroads.

Caroline stayed silent for a moment. ”I don't know, but I have an itch that tells me to go south rather than north.” She said finally and rolled the steering wheel and lead the car on the road to south.

”Oh, gosh!” Caroline slammed her palm over her forehead. ”I have to call mom, so she doesn't get freaked out.” She searched her phone and dialed her mom's number.

”Caroline?” Sheriff Forbes answered after few beeps.

”Hey, mom! Erm... Me and Elena are on a roadtrip. We just left Mystic Falls.” Caroline squeaked and bit her lip.

”Excuse me? Caroline, is something wrong?” Sheriff Forbes worried.

”No, mom. Everything is fine. No supernatural emergency involved.” Caroline secured.

Her mom sighed from relief. ”So what's going on?” She questioned more calmly.

”You know, 'carpe diem' before going to college?” Caroline tried.

”Caroline...” Her mom wasn't so easy to fool.

”Ok.. Well I had a fight with Tyler about travelling around and since he doesn't want to go with me I'm going with Elena instead.” Caroline said stubbornly.

”Caroline, are you sure that's the best way to handle this?” Sheriff Forbes doubted.

”Actually, no mom, I'm not sure but I just need to get out of here for a while!” Caroline bursted out. They both fell in silence.

”Ok honey. If you guaratee that you keep me updated of your whereabouts and you to promise to keep yourselves safe.” Sheriff Forbes said softly after a while thinking.

”Thanks mom, I knew you would get it.” Caroline was so relieved.

”Just keep me updated. Bye!” Her mom ended.

Caroline relaxed a little bit. Elena put her hand on Caroline's shoulder and smiled shortly:

”The toughest part is over.”

Then she dug up a route map of USA and speaded it open. ”What do you say if we first head up to Greensboro, North Carolina? It takes only few hours to get there by route 29 S. It's quite late already so we could bunk there in some motel.”

”Sounds like a plan!” Caroline winked cunningly.


”Ouch... My head hurts...” Caroline groaned laying on the crappy motel bed under fluffy blanket.

”Me too...” Answered Elena with the same desperation in her voice.

”We should totally rule 'tolerance for alcohol' out from our list 'Perks Of Being A Vampire', since we still have to suffer from hangovers.” Caroline complained.

”But if we were still humans, we would probably be dead for drinking that much we did last night.” Elena pointed out.

”Gosh! I rather be dead than suffering like this.” Caroline said sarcastically. Then they both bursted in to laugh and regretted it instantly. They both held their heads and fell in silence.

Caroline and Elena had arrived to Greensboro around midnight. They found a shabby little motel just by the highway and after settling down, Caroline and Elena felt like dancing, so they headed up to a local Irish bar near the motel and had night of their lives. So the scenery was not the most appealing, the bar was bit shabby too but the excitement of their adventure, live music and the receptiveness of the local people covered that up. They sang, they drank and laughed a lot. What a perfect girl's night out.

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