Chapter 20: Secrets Will Be Revealed

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”So did you tell Elijah about Katherine?” Caroline asked Elena as they sat in the car, Elena on the driver's seat and Caroline on the passenger's.

”Yeah. We did talk about a lot of stuff.” Elena answered and started the car.

”Well?! What is he going to do with her? Is he going to expose her to Klaus or is he going to protect her from him?” Caroline was anxious to know all the details.

”I really don't know. He didn't say anything.” Elena sighed. ”They have a lot going on here, you know?”

”No, I don't!” Caroline cried out. She was eager to hear all the gossips. ”Things have been so settled back in Mystic Falls, I long for some supernatural drama!”

”You can't be serious?!” Elena was shocked as she stopped in the traffic lights. ”After all that have happened you are bored when things are finally quite fine?!

”Don't get me wrong but it's kinda fifty-fifty situation. On the other hand I'm relieved that we don't have any crisis on our hands right now but on the other hand it is kinda boring after all the danger and such...” Caroline said halfly joking.

”Caroline Forbes, you are unbelievable!” Elena laughed and and turned right when the lights turned green.

”So tell me! It's only fair.”

”Elijah said it's secret.” Elena hesitated.

”Oh, come on! You started it already! I'm sure he knows that you can't keep a secret from me, can you?” Caroline used her most persuasive tone.

”Ok, Ok, I guess I can't!” Elena admitted, ”but you have to keep it as a secret, despite that we have nothing to do with it.”

”I swear. Now tell me!”

”Elijah told us to stay away from Marcel. The guy who sang before you at the bar.” Elena said because of the interrogativelook on Caroline's face. ”He controls the whole city and all the supernatural creatures in it. Since we are in his territory, we can not know what he thinks about us.”

”Stay away from Marcel, check.” Caroline said as they arrived to their hotel.

”Good.” Elena stopped the car. ”How was your evening with Klaus, by the way? Did you figure him out?”

Caroline sighed. ”No, not at all. I'm even more confused now than before.”

”I understand. It's a big deal to handle.” Elena shrugged.

”What do you mean? What's a big deal?” Caroline narrowed her eyes.

”Klaus didn't tell you?” Elena eyed Caroline with a puzzled look on her face.

”Tell me what?!” Caroline started to feel annoyed because of the lack of information she obviously had. ”Elena, seriously.”

”Hayley's having a baby.” Elena said severely.

”Hayley?” Caroline rolled her eyes. ”What that has to do with anything, Elena?”

”She having a baby... with Klaus.” Elena dropped out.

”WHAT?!? SERIOUSLY?!” Caroline was shocked, ”That's impossible vampires can't procreate!” She freaked out.

”Apparently he, as a hybrid, can.” Elena noted ”And Hayley is a werewolf.”

”That son of a...” Caroline felt utterly furious. ” Elena, stop this car right now!!!” Caroline yelled and Elena stopped. Then Caroline dissappeared using her vampire speed.


Klaus stared in to the fire with his arms crossed over his chest. There was a chaos around him, since he had vent his spleen in the living room. He had mixed feelings.

Then he heard the front door opening and someone entering his house with great amount of speed.

”YOU'RE HAVING A BABY WITH HAYLEY?! Caroline shrieked at him. If a look could kill...

”It's none of your business! Who told you that?” Klaus snapped at her with his eyes narrowing treacherously.

”Isn't it true then?” Caroline laughed in misbelieve.

”I never asked for that baby”, Klaus said obviously annoyed, ”but I'm afraid that I have admit that it is true.”

”So you have moved on, with Hayley? Did you even think about telling me? I thought we were at least friends and friends tell each other about their lives.” Caroline accused jealously.

”What do you even care when you have Tyler by your side?” Klaus said poisonously, ”Oh, but you're no longer with him, are you? SO DON'T YOU PREACH ABOUT BEING FRIENDS AND NOT SHARING MY LIFE” Klaus yelled, ”when you do exactly the same!

”How did you...? ”Carolie was shocked. ”I didn't tell you because I thought that you would go straight back to Mystic Falls and KILL HIM!!” Caroline yelled back at him and challenged him by staring

”You still think that low of me, don't you?!” He accused angrily.

”I don't know what to think about you!” She snapped at him exhausted. Then she flinched, because of the life-threatning look on Klaus's face.

Klaus walked slowly in front of Caroline, who stiffened as he approached her. He stared her straight in the eyes with this deadly dangerous look. Klaus placed his face a few inches away from Caroline's and hissed angrily: ”Just to let you know... I wouldn't have killed him. Because of you Caroline, just like before... And like I said, I never asked for that baby. Nor Hayley for that matter.” Klaus paused and gave Caroline a wounded look. ”All I ever wanted was you, Caroline.” He snarled hurtfully.

Everything went blurry in Caroline's mind, she was about to burst into pieces from all the mixed emotions, anger, hurt, jealousy, tension... Without thinking she leaned towards Klaus and their lips touched.

That took Klaus unawares. Then he locked Caroline inside his arms and answered her kiss with hunger, yet questioning was this really happening?... Then Caroline suddenly broke free from the kiss and threw herself against the wall.

”What am I doing?” She asked whispering more to herself rather than Klaus. She looked shocked like a dear in the headlights.

Klaus could still felt the memory of her soft lips on his own. ”Would you tell me that too, love?” He asked lin a voice mixed with impatience, hurt and longing.

Caroline didn't answer so Klaus walk slowly closer to her. He stopped in front of her and leaned against the wall with one of his hands. ”Why did you come to New Orleans?” He questioned quietly.

”To figure out who you are and how I feel about you.” Caroline whispered. Klaus felt like his heart skipped a beat.

”And have you accomplished your mission? Because if you haven't...” Hope and lust percolated from his voice, ”please let me know so I can do anything in my power to help.” He ended playfully and leaned closer.

”I need to get out of here.” Caroline breathed and ran off.

Klaus growled out of dissappointment and punched a hole in the wall. He twirled around and leaned his back against the wall, his mind prosessing all that happened. He felt hurt and confused, yet oddly... hopeful. And that kiss... it definitely made him yearn for more.

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