Chapter 14: Knock-Knock-Knockin' On Hayley's Door...

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Author's note: Sorry guys, I couldn't resist making a little joke about the famous song of Guns N'Roses at the heading :D


Sharp knock came from the door. Hayley, who had been asleep, opened her eyes annoyed.

"What the heck?!" Hayley mumbled and checked the what time it was. "2 a.m.? You got to be kidding me?!" She shouted and marched to the door. "You better have pretty good excuse for this Eli..." She snarled and opened the door. Surprise hit on her when she saw who actually was at the door.

"Oh, it's you. What do you want?"

"Good evening, little wolf and forgive me my late visiting time. I would have been here earlier if I had not been forced to spent hours for inquiring your whereabouts from my brother. Not to mentions the time I had to make sure that nobody followed me here." Klaus said standing outside her door holding his hands behind his back.

Hayley thought that the polite tone which Klaus used was more than suspicious so she repeated:

"What do you want?"

"What's up with the sceptical receive I'm having here? I'm here only to checkup your well-being is provided as it should be." Klaus tried innocent approaching style.

"You know, I don't buy that. What is it?" Hayley raised one of her eyebrows questioning.

"May I please come in?"

"No, you may not." Hayley said with a cocky attitude and leaned towards the doorframe. She was waiting.

Klaus trembled because of the sudden wave of annoyance but sucked it up. He had came here to make some sort of peace with the mother of his unborn child.

"Fine." Klaus gathered himself up. "I'll just be quick then. I'm here to apologize my previous ignorant yet somewhat passive-aggressive behaviour towards you and our unborn child."

"You're what?!" Hayley laughed out loud. "You cannot be serious?"

"I'm as serious as I must in this situation," Klaus snarled between his teeth, "Although I had to admit that I wasn't so happy about it first. Since there isn't much I can do about it now, I hope that I'm able to adapt.

"Wow. I thought the thing was that everything else has to adapt to you, not the other way round." Hayley pushed his buttons.

"Only in this situation but I suggest that you don't push it too far little wolf." Klaus said and the threat in his voice was more than obvious.

"Ok, ok, sorry..." Hayley raised her hands as a mark of surrendering.

She considered her options a while. She had a natural survival instinct and her guts said that it would be best to keep Klaus as an ally. No reason to piss him off. Well, just a little, for fun from time to time. It would be the best for the pup too, to have his dad around. Hayley couldn't help it but being an orphan herself affected her decision too.

"Apology accepted although you were kinda jerk back then." She finally said.

Klaus sighed but didn't dissagree. He had accomplished in what he came to do.

"Got to admit that it was a shock for me too." Hayley uttered, "Of course the witchy kidnapping thing caught my attention first. Prengancy news after that... bah." She waved her hand over-dramatically.

"Did they hurt you?" Klaus questioned severely.

"Nope, they treated me good. So just drop it." She snapped and unexpectedly so Klaus did.

"Elijah acquired this place for you, didn't he?" Klaus eyed her place from the door. It was a good-sized studio apartment with an open kitchen arrangement and a balcony. Too modest for Klaus's taste, tough.

"Yeah, he got me a roof over my head and he keeps me fed." Hayley told him carelessly.

"You are happy with it? It seems a little small...

"Totally." The look on Hayley's face told Klaus not to judge her place. "Less space to clean up." She joked sarcastically.

"If you say so, little wolf." Klaus let it go. For a moment akward silence arounded them.

"How come this place was chosen for your residence? Is it safe enough?" Klaus asked.

"The witches set up some protecting spells over this place I guess." Hayley pondered. "I recall that they made some secrecy spell as well.. So that nobody could find this place if the secret hasn't revealed to the seeker." She gave Klaus a thoughtful look.

I'd guess that you have."

"Apparently I have." Klaus agreed. "I assume you and the baby are fine then? Let me, or Elijah if you prefer dealing with him, know if there is anything you need." He requested in earnest.

"Thanks. Me and the pup appreciate it."

"The pup?"

"What? I'm a werewolf after all and wolfs have pups, not babies."

"I guess that suits then." Klaus grinned.

"Well, I'm going back to bed." Hayley annouced. "Wanna join?" She joked.

"Thanks, but I rather not." Klaus answered politely. Her flirtatious attitude made him cautious yet slightly amused.

"Hey, the accident already happened," Hayley added fuel to the fire and patted her tummy, "so nothing to worry about." She said sligthly sarcastically.

"You seem to deal with your motherhood quite carelessly." Klaus pointed out.

"What you gonna do?" Hayley shrugged her shoulders. "Like I said, the accident has already happened. I don't see the point of worrying too much. I just follow my instincts."

Klaus nodded as a mark that he understood and then made a move to leave. "Good night, little wolf."

"Good night, daddy-o." Hayley said leaning to the doorpost as Klaus used his hybrid speed to leave.

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