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Storm and Silence Fanfic by hamilfan123987
Storm and Silence Fanficby hamilfan123987
These characters belong to RobTheir. Before reading this story, read his books, Storm and Silence, In the Eye of the Storm, and Silence is Golden, otherwise, the story...
  • romance
  • linton
  • storm
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Chasing a Storm | Part 1 by sonalix13
Chasing a Storm | Part 1by Sonali
A story of love between two young, lost and beautiful souls. 🌊 "And know I'm not perfect," I whisper into the cloud filled room, "but I think I could be...
  • family
  • heartbreak
  • teen
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Hunting for Silence by RobThier
Hunting for Silenceby Robert Thier
British business mogul Rikkard Ambrose has departed London to face his arch-rival in a deadly game of espionage and intrigue at the Royal Court of France, leaving his la...
  • ceo
  • marriage
  • royal
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The Storm by Audibug17
The Stormby Aideen Matthews
A look into my mind and an outpour of an experience.
  • poetry
  • storm
  • heartbreak
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Invisibility Is Not A Power... But A Curse by LPS_Skylar21
Invisibility Is Not A Power... But...by Stormy Anderson
When fear always gets the best of you, will you act like a slave to the tyranny or will you FIGHT!
  • is
  • life
  • invisibility
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The Cold Gates of the North by Roadobs
The Cold Gates of the Northby Roadie
For centuries, the North was a land that could be tamed by no man. But with time comes change, and change brings with it new opportunities. Now that the humans could con...
  • storm
  • ice
  • father
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Eye Of The Storm by TheMidnightOil
Eye Of The Stormby TheMidnightOil
Crown Princess Ashen Goldren was the first female to join the ranks of thw Riders when she bonded with her magical horse. Now, two years after the death of her brother...
  • storm
  • action
  • ashen
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The Storm by GianinaMay
The Stormby Gianina May
One poem. Domestic abuse. Sadness. Votes and comments/feedback are wonderful.
  • abuse
  • wind
  • break
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Not Your Average Superhero by waywardfairchild
Not Your Average Superheroby Wayward Fairchild
"Guess you could say this is not your usual superhero story. Well I never liked normal and neither did anyone I know." ~Sky/ Clear Knight ...
  • clearknight
  • pryo
  • lily
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Toby In Wonderland by DJ_HyP3R
Toby In Wonderlandby DJ_HyP3R
Ticci Toby eats a waffle that someone spiked and now he is asleep! Let's see what happens
  • creepypasta
  • sammy
  • slenderman
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The Boy Who Changed The Wind by crepuscularJokester
The Boy Who Changed The Windby claire
Charlie Wesson grew up in a small cottage near the endless plains of crops ever since birth. Her petite house was occupied by herself, her twin brother, Christopher Wess...
  • friends
  • foes
  • mom
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The Storm by jesscahhh
The Stormby Jess
Everything is going in a downward spiral. Ellis's life was predictably perfect. Until she gets into an accident. She learns secrets about her family and gets sucked int...
  • mystery
  • blackmail
  • ptsd
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Spirit Storm by alipearl
Spirit Stormby A.J. Pearle
Sage lives in a small village in Mount Elk, with a drunken father and a mother who is in a coma. One day, the ancestors warned Amarie, the village oracle, that the spir...
  • countryside
  • religion
  • beliefs
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April Showers by the_cynicist_
April Showersby HeartBreakCity
A set of short poems
  • short
  • rain
  • depressing
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My Haunted School by infinity_girl
My Haunted Schoolby Emma
Practically every kid hates school. Of course that’s understandable, but at my school it’s a lot worse than terrible school lunches and sadistic teachers. To know the tr...
  • possessed
  • school
  • paranormal
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