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Calm Before The Storm | Black Lightning |  by vampirediariesfan22
Calm Before The Storm | Black vampirediariesfan22
"Do you know what happens to a toad when it's struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else. " ~Storm Leon Pierce, a fun-loving comic boo...
Storm and Silence by RobThier
Storm and Silenceby Robert Thier
"It is your choice," he said, stepping so close to me that our lips were almost touching. "Either do what I say - or get another job." My heart s...
Storm of Bells by RobThier
Storm of Bellsby Robert Thier
Never do what you're told, never boil your own head in vinegar and, most important of all, never ever marry a man-those have always been Lilly Linton's principles for a...
Hunting for Silence by RobThier
Hunting for Silenceby Robert Thier
British business mogul Rikkard Ambrose has departed London to face his arch-rival in a deadly game of espionage and intrigue at the Royal Court of France, leaving his la...
Fracture || Xmen  by CookiezAndCreamstarb
Fracture || Xmen by CookiezAndCreamstarb
I look at each of them amusingly. "Ok, let me see if I can get this right." I point to the white haired woman to the left of me. "Storm," she nods h...
magnetic ◊ criminal minds by disastrousicarus
magnetic ◊ criminal mindsby icarus
in which the daughter of erik lehnsherr is a part of the behavioural analysis unit in the fbi, but has to make sure no one finds out she's a mutant [extended summary ins...
eternal sunshine | X-Men by raynelbabe
eternal sunshine | X-Menby RAYNEL
❝IMPERFECT FOR YOU❞ In which a woman who doesn't trust love meets a man who doesn't think he's capable of it. When her kisses can make anyone become infatuated with...
X-Men 97: X-22 by TheCayde
X-Men 97: X-22by TheCayde
With the death of Charles Xavier, his first three students; Scott Summers, Jacob Howlett and Jean Grey, alongside their band of mutants must live on his teachings by usi...
Unicorn Academy - Honorary Siblings by Liongrl2727
Unicorn Academy - Honorary Siblingsby Liongrl2727
Princess Talulah of Eqeoneian, a kingdom separated from the rest of the world, loves to ride. Not getting much attention from her parents or her brothers, Talulah finds...
What a storm leaves behind (Mha x All Might's daughter) by allmight_simp
What a storm leaves behind (Mha bakugo'smommymilkers
Female pronouns!! Y/N Yagi, the daughter of the number 1 hero always tried her best for her dad, but it never seemed to be good enough for him. Will she spend her life t...
Unwanted (Short-story) by raelinnrivers
Unwanted (Short-story)by RainRain
Contains man-to-man sex, violence, sexual assault, male pregnancy, bullying. Work of fiction. Circumstances, names, places mentioned in this stories are purely products...
Klaus & Caroline: The Longing Summer (Klaroline FanFic) by Sophie_Juniper
Klaus & Caroline: The Longing Sophie_Juniper
This fanfiction story continues the story of Klaroline right after s4e23. It is time Caroline and Klaus to go on different ways. Klaus heads to New Orleans and Caroline...
After The Rain by NB_Collections
After The Rainby NB_Collections
The life of Khushi Kumari Gupta was already in shambles, but the day she found out that her fiancée was, in actuality, the son-in-law of the family her sister was marryi...
Catching the Storm by Quidam13
Catching the Stormby ~K~
"They call him The Storm for a reason. He's Jackson Storm, you should be running in the other direction." I shook my head. "I'm going to catch that arroga...
Mission by qpqpKuroshiqpqp
Missionby Kuroshi Okami
After Fairy Tail won the war and Zeref being good again Natsu and Gray got so drunk and of course who comes to their rescue? Of course Lucy and Juvia and of course somet...
Queen Baddie (Descendants Love story) by Perksofbeingjune34
Queen Baddie (Descendants Love Perksofbeingjune34
In memory of Cameron Boyce Indira Munroe Udaku is the daughter of Storm and Black Panther and has her parents powers as well as her brother Azari T'chaka Munroe Udaku. S...
The Perfect Storm 2 by Mandalev19
The Perfect Storm 2by Amelia Levi
Madison and Miles continue to be tested while they try to navigate through their rocky relationship. Odds are on their side, bringing them back to one another, closer th...
L&S ❤️ LOVESYNDROME by Shk_oliver
L&S ❤️ LOVESYNDROMEby ☆•eccedentesiast•(`Triste)
This novel contains content or presentation, such as sex, language, etc., that may not be suitable for readers under the age of 18.
The Last Hope : sokka x reader x zuko by addyandsaph
The Last Hope : sokka x reader x addy & saph whattt
this is a sokka x reader and i guess a love triangle with zuko too <3 ------- the avatar roku died 100 years ago, leaving no one in his succession. no one knew where...
Whatever It Takes, For You - Natsu x Lucy by dhefaran
Whatever It Takes, For You - dhefaran
"Natsu, it was always been you. From the beginning until the end, I will always love the fire dragon king slayer that I adored. You made me know what love of a fami...