Chapter 17: The King Finally Meets His Queen

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Author's Note: When you come up with the sentence -The music started - please press play on the video I've linked there on the right. I hope you enjoy it :)

Klaus took a sip of his single malt and leaned against the bar desk. It was ”an open mic” evening at Marcel's favorite bar and he had asked Klaus to join his party. Klaus had came, reluctantly. Klaus still needed to act as he was on Marcel's side but he didn't know how much longer he could take this obnoxious adulation. He just wanted to depose Marcel and rise to his place.

Klaus watched as Marcel took over the stage and bragged around to warm up the audience. The place was overcrowded. Marcel performed one of his own favorite songs, which Klaus didn't know or care. Somewhere in the middle he turned his back to Marcel and drank his all of his drink and waved to the bartender as he ordered some more.

”Thank you, thank you,” Marcel purred like a cat after he finished his song and received great applause. ”So who's next? Maybe this lovely lady in the front row?” Marcel had found his next victim, there was only a few who could resists his persuasion. ”Come on, honey, don't be shy.” Marcel flashed his widest smile on.

Klaus didn't even turn to see who was the next performer. She would probably be another mediocre singer as they always were.

The music started.

”What you do to me is indescribable / Got me sparkling just like an emerald /

Set my soul on fire, make me wild / Like the deep blue sea.”

 The girl sang like a siren. It was like honey to Klaus's ears. He took his drink and turned casually around to see the unexpectedly delightful artist. He layed his eyes on her and couldn't believe what he saw. ”Is she even real?” Klaus pondered amazed.

No other boy ever made me feel beautiful / When I'm in your arms, feels like I have it all /

Is it your tattoos or golden grill / That makes me feel this way?”

 It was Caroline. More flirtatious than ever before. Prancing around the stage and charming everybody in the audience. Klaus was stunned.

Got me spinning like a ballerina / Feeling gansta every time I see ya /

You're the king and, baby, I'm the queen of / Disaster, disaster.

You got me spinning like a ballerina / You're the bad boy that I always dreamed of /

You're the king and, baby, I'm the queen of / Disaster, disaster."

”She certainly is the queen”, Klaus thought by himself and grinned as he watched her performance. She was so alluring. Klaus had thought that Caroline's sex appeal was more of the sweet, funny and little naive type but this proved his conclusions wrong. She certainly handled the seductive style as well.

Got mascara thick, I get emotional / You know I was more than just a party girl /

Isn't hard to see what's goin' on / I'm so far gone (mmm, so far gone).”

”She's so much more that meets the eye.” Klaus smirked.

When I saw your face it was incredible / Painted on my soul, it was indelible /

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