Chapter 26: The Biggest Mistake Of Your Life?

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Klaus blinked his eyes. He noticed that he was laying on the stony floor, in the cave. Klaus used his hybrid speed to get up. It was dark in the cave, all the candles had put out.

”Hello, brother.” Elijah said quietly. He was leaning on the rough wall of the cave near the exit.

”What happened here?” Klaus was still confused. ”Where is everybody?”

”Sophie and the other witches took Hayley with them, so they could do anything in their power to help her get better.”

”I remember Caroline... She snapped my neck, didn't she?!!” Klaus shouted rubbing his neck at the same time.

”Yes she did.” Elijah agreed.

”Where is she?!” Klaus hissed.

”She's waiting you at your place.”

Klaus needed no other information as he headed to his home. Elijah followed in his steps, since he wanted to make sure that no one was going to do anything reckless. He stayed just outside Klaus's house.

”Caroline!” Klaus growled as he step inside.

”In here.”

Klaus rushed into the living room. Caroline stood in front of the fireplace and stared in to the fire. Klaus walked firmly to her and turned her to face him with force. He kept his arms on her upper arms.

”You snapped my neck!” He accused her angrily, staring straight into her eyes.

”Yes, because you were letting the baby... and Hayley... die.” She said harshly.

Klaus had never seen such a hard look on Caroline's eyes. Klaus studied her face a long time.

”What did you do?” Klaus asked although he didn't want to hear the answer.

”I did the right thing.” Caroline said quietly.

”The right thing?!!??” Klaus exploded. ”The witches did the spell, didn't they? They switched that thing inside you!!! That's not right!!!”

”Neither is to let an innocent baby die, because you can't deal with not being able to control absolutely everything, or taking response of your actions or being a father!” Caroline voice sounded like steel. ”This baby hasn't done anything, ANYTHING to you!” She pointed to her tummy.

”Don't you push me or try to force me into feeling something towards that thing inside you!” Klaus yelled. ”You're trying to control me with that! Who's the control freak now?!”

”I was just trying to prevent you MAKING THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIVE!!!” Caroline screamed.

”You think that would have been my the biggest mistake?” Klaus shouted poisonously, setting indirect implication in the air.

Caroline was stunned. ”I don't even know what I'm about to say to you right now...”

”I, on the other hand know exactly what I'm going to say to you!” Klaus raged. ”Get out of my sight!!”

”Fine.” Caroline walked away. She didn't even turn to look if Klaus watched her go, she couldn't, because the silent tears run down on her cheeks.

Elijah was there, Caroline didn't know if he was waiting her or not but she was glad that he was there. Elijah put his arm around Caroline protectively and said quietly:

”Come. Let's go find you a place to stay.”


Klaus managed his anger by nearly destroying the living room. He threw the furniture against the walls, he ripped apart his sketchbook, he destroyed the artwork... ”How could she do this to me?” Klaus thought feverishly. The one thing he loved the most and the one thing he hated the most, both in same package now. Klaus couldn't cope with that.

Klaus felt so angry, hurt and powerless. He hated it. He absolutely hated it. He felt his inner demons creeping in, taking over him. Klaus wanted Caroline to come back and go away. He wanted to lock her inside his arms and make her feel good, yet torture her, make her feel all the pain he was forced to confort. Klaus wanted to kiss Caroline so that she would forget her own name and he wanted to rip the heart out of her chest. Klaus felt like he was exploding because all these conflicting feelings inside of him and he just wanted to turn them all off. Yet somehow, he couldn't...

”Why? Why she wanted that thing, accepted it, chose it over me?” Klaus kept asking over and over again.


Elijah led Caroline to Hayley's apartment. ”It's just temporary arrangement.” He ensured.

Caroline nodded. They had went back to her hotel room and she had checked out. According to Elijah's words, this was the safest place to be right now. Elijah gave her his cell phone number and said that she could call him anytime.

”How are you feeling right now?” Elijah asked concern in his voice.

”After Klaus...” Carline started, feeling tears burning in her eyes, ”mentally: devasteted. Bodily: pretty good but thirsty.” She wiped her eyes and tried to calm down.

”I'll make sure that you'll have some blood as soon as possible.” Elijah nodded. ”I'm sorry for my brother's behaviour.”

Caroline didn't say anything to that.

”I'm afraid I have to leave you now. I'm going to make sure that Hayley is taken care of. But after her condition is stabilized, I'll be back. I think you and I need to talk.” Elijah said formally.

Caroline nodded as she agreed to that and shot the door behind leaving Elijah. She turned to face the studio apartment and walked to the bed. She sat on it and thought. ”Now I'm acting like Hayley on Hayley's place.” She sighed.

”What on Earth I was thinking?” Caroline asked from herself. She didn't know the answer, but she did know that she couldn't let the baby just die. Something in her just couldn't let that happend. She looked down to her tummy, her baby bum was barely visible, Hayley had had bigger, Caroline wondered why was that so.

”Hi little fellow.” Caroline spoke gently, although her voice was breaking, ”Looks like it's going to be just you and me for a while.”

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