Chapter 8: It's All Fun And Games Until...

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Klaus let the painting dry up. He got into the shower and let the cool water calm him down. He was still shaking a little.

He had never had such an inspiration, such an urge to just paint, paint, paint until the painting was done. Normally he did much more disciplined work, he analyzed his work and pursued for perfection. With this painting he had been primitive, almost animalistic. He remembered the time he had drawn Caroline a drawing about herself and a horse. He had had the urge then too, just milder.

Klaus closed his eyes and tilted his head back so the water flowed over his face. How could he feel so desperate yet hopeful, pathetic yet powerful and on top of it, excited? Like he was electrified or his heart might burst having all these emotions in it.

Klaus got out the shower and stepped into his bedroom. He had his lean body wrapped in a soft towel. At the same time he was picking up what to wear he took his phone and put it on and threw it on the bed while dressing up. As he was pulling a navy blue T-shirt over his head the phone beeped.

”You got two voicemails.” The operator voice said monotonicly. One from last night and the one from that morning.

”Good Morning Niklaus!” It was Elijah. ”I see that you are out of reach at the moment but let me invited to dinner with me. It has been days since we have seen, I'm sure we have a lot to catch up. Goodbye!”

Klaus snarled. Obviously Elijah wanted to give him a tiresome report of Hayley's wellbeing. If the faith had been kind it would have been Elijah who had the opportunity to procreate. He would have been perfect for the role of the father figure. Klaus felt himself tensing and shook his head. There was another voice to listen to.

”Hey, it's me. Caroline.” Voice of Caroline said and Klaus brightened up in a second.

”Hope you're doing fine in New Orleans.”

”Thank you.”

Klaus heard a silent sigh and then the voice mail was over. What and odd way to end a phone call, he thought. Naturally Klaus knew what she was thanking for and he felt an ache in his heart.

But what was that sigh all about?

”Now I am overanalyzing things”, Klaus thought by himself and shook his head slowly. All he could do was to wait Caroline come to him by her own terms. That might take a while, perhaps all the eternity, he reminded himself.

”Caroline is almost as stubborn as I am”, Klaus smiled shortly. So it would be best not to make any assumptions about her actions or her breaths.


Klaus took a short look on his latest painting and signed it. After that he hid it among his other unfinished paintings.

It was almost 2 p.m. Few more hours of spare time before dining with his favorite and nowadays only brother Elijah. Klaus decided to go for a little walk by the lakeside. He wandered on the rocky beach for an hour and a half and stopped to admire the beautiful sunset. As the last rays of the sun dissappeared Klaus closed his eyes and breathed the cooling air deep down in his lungs.

”Hey. Haven't seen you a while.” A familiar voice said cautiously.

Klaus didn't open his eyes since he smelled who it was.

”Dear Camille. I'm pleased to see you too.”

”Cami.” Camille corrected and rolled her eyes, as always. Klaus smirked and she relaxed a little since their old joke worked just like before.

”You've been busy? It's been a while last time you stopped by to the bar.”

Klaus remained silent.

”Ok... Well did you call that girl?” Camille questioned bluntly sharp.

”No.” Klaus answered before thinking. ”Why do you keep asking these inapporiate questions about a matter that does consern you by no means?” He snapped.

”Because regarding your reactions I nailed it last time and it sure hell bothers you. It just kills me to look at you while you lock yourself all up.” Camille sighed.

Klaus took a tight grab of Camille's upper arm and stared her straight to her eyes.

”You are right but it is more complicated than you could ever understand. Because you are so good at drawing conclusions, for your own safety, and mine, I suggest that you withhold it to yourself. So you go on and think we are good. I'll show up to the bar tomorrow night like I was never gone. Now forget this conversation but remember what I suggested.”

Camille blinked and was little confused. ”Gosh, I must be tired”, she thought, ”I should be home by now, not three block farther.”

Klaus monitored her going by the distance. ”This was the only fitting solution for the sake of her safety”, he kept telling himself. Then he walked slowly away, dissappearing to the shadows.


Soon Klaus entered the spacious apartment which Elijah had taken to his possession. It seemed to be decorated quite modestly, but a closer look told that every furniture was luxurious.

”Just like Elijah, modestly elegant.” Klaus smiled shortly in his thoughts. He headed up to the dning room, where he assumed that his brother was waiting.

And there he was. With Hayley.

”You are early, Niklaus.” Elijah said carelessly.

”As you say brother. Hayley.” Klaus nodded to Hayley shortly. ”I didn't know that we would have company.” He continued stiffly.

”Don't worry, I'm taking a hike just about... now.” Hayley said in a dull voice. ”It was good to see ya, Eli.” She gave a quick kiss to Elijah's cheek and left without giving a thought for Klaus. There was no sign of pregnancy yet although she wore a loose tunic, which would cover up the babybum.

”Why was she here?” Klaus demanded on Elijah.

”Since you have shown no interest to Hayley or even to your unborn child, I assumed it is my duty to take care of them. They are family, even if you like it or not, Niklaus.” Elijah said calmly without looking towards Klaus.

”I made the deal with the witches to stay away from her...” Klaus started.

”Does that mean also that you suppose not to give any thought for her too?” Elijah raised his voice only a little to make his brother clam up. ”You should be ashamed of yourself. I understand perfectly that she is only a one night stand for you, but you could still at least take some resbonsibility of your actions and moreover have some manners.” Elijah lectured Klaus moderately while eyeing a wine bottle which he just had taken from the wine cabinet.

Klaus didn't know what to say. His brother was one of the few people who could get him speechless.

”Don't worry, brother, I'll leave this subject for now. I have taken care of all her nessecities also so her well-being is provided too. Although soon we have to discuss about certain arrangements, like custody and such. But it is not tonight's problem. Shall we dine now?” Elijah finished as the servant girl brought the starters on silvery tray.

”Actually... I'm not hungry anymore.” Klaus said and left the room while Elijah gave him a curious look. Then Elijah shrugged his shoulders and took a sip of rich red wine.

Klaus arrived to his own apartment. He stomped arounf furiously and then slumped on the sofa.

He had tried to keep Hayley out of sight, out of mind like it would make his mistake dissappear. Klaus actually was slightly ashamed of his behaviour, not that he would ever admit that to Elijah. It was just more easier to point your rage to someone else rather that yourself, but he could have take care of it more smoothly. From now on he could at least try to be well-mannered towards Hayley, if not only to keep his brother satisfied.

Author's note: I had quite a writer's block with this chapter. I knew where I wanted to end up with this part but it was hard to find the right words. Nonetheless, I hope that I delivered  this chapter well. :)


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