Chapter 3: It's A Small Town Life

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"Tyler, please, come back to me, it's safe now. Call me when you get this." Caroline urged.

Under the surface she was a bit furious. It had been two weeks since the gratuation and Tyler still hadn't showed up in Mystic Falls. Caroline suggested that he was cautious, of course, but this was ridiculous! He was allowed to come back, Klaus had promised that and Caroline knew that in this matter, Klaus would keep his word. She had seen it in his eyes and heard it in his voice, and she appreciated it. So where the heck was Tyler?!

But Tyler wasn't the only one she was furious about. Her whole group of friends have sort of diffused all over and she had rarely seen any of them. Bonnie was spending the summer with her mum Abby and they were travelling some sacred witchy places in Eastern Europe... or so Jeremy had said. As a matter of fact, he was alive, thanks to Bonnie. Caroline still found it hard to believe, but was delighted that it was true every time she saw Jeremy. She knew how much he ment to Elena.

However, Jeremy had died for real and had a funeral. So obviously he just couldn't be running around Mystic Falls. He had spent most of the time indoors of the Salvatore Boarding House and stayed out of vision. Caroline knew, that Elena and Jeremy were discussing a lot about how to deal with the situation and so on. One thing was sure, Jeremy could not appear to Mystic Falls without a really, REALLY good explanation, and so far, they hadn't figure out any.

Speaking of Elena, when she wasn't with Jeremy, she was with Damon. Caroline sucked it up bitterly, after all Elena was her friend and Caroline tried her best not to snap too much about this whole love triangle. Caroline still believed that Stefan was Elena's epic love, but since Elena got her humanity back on and the sire bond was not the issue, she thought that there weren't much to do to support Stefan over Damon.

"Poor Stefan!" Caroline sighed.

She had called him few times, knowing that he was way out of Mystic Falls to get over Elena. Caroline understood why Stefan needed the time off, but still she was worried about him. They had spoke only briefly, since Stefan sounded like a not quite himself, but he assured to her that he's fine all things considered. Though Caroline let it pass, since she was sure that Stefan wasn't going to turn off his emotions and became the Ripper once again.

Slightly exhausted about all this, Caroline headed to the Mystic Grill. She was supposed to meet her mom there and have a quick lunch with her. Sheriff Forbes still worked in long shifts, even though things had settled down in Mystic Falls for a while. As Caroline entered the Grill, she greeted Matt, who was working his ass off, and sat in one table beside the windows waiting for her mom.

While waiting she glanced through the window. People passing by going shopping, kids playing at the playground nearby, everything seemed so... normal. Caroline might had thought, "what a nice relieve for once" but no. She caught herself thinking how she didn't belong to that normal life anymore.

"Small-town boy, small-town life, it won't be enough for you."

Caroline flinched. How come Klaus' words came in to her mind right now? For past two weeks she had successfully blocked all her thoughs that included Klaus more than superficially. They were sort of friends, Klaus and she, but things were complicated. She knew he was in love with her. She loved Tyler. Tyler wasn't here. And that made her uncomfortable, being unsure about she felt about things.

She just wanted Tyler to be there with her! For the first time have an actual, normal relationship, without intense fear about of some dreadful events. She got so frustrated, that she let her forehead hit the table, accidentally little to hard. Sheriff Forbes arrived just then.

"Caroline, do you need a nap or what was that? " Sheriff Forbes asked interrogative expression on her face.

"It's nothing, nothing..." Caroline murmured. To change the subject she asked from her mum, little too cheerfully:

"So what will you have? "Burger and fries, eh? I can go and order up." She babbled as she stood up and walked to the counter.

Sheriff Forbes just shook her head slowly, amused smile on her lips.

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