Chapter 10: Different Desires

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Caroline was hanging out in the Lockwood Mansion. Tyler had gone for a jog and Caroline was waiting for him to come back. She wandered around the big empty mansion and she was getting bored.

”Gosh, this place is huge!”, Caroline thought by herself. It was odd to see and feel that place as empty as it was just then. As long as Caroline remembered, someone of the Lockwood family had been a Mayor and all big town events had been held just here. So this place cried out for people, it wasn't normal this way.

”Caroline!” Tyler had come back. He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. ”Man, it feels good to run in the woods.”

”It's nice to hear.” Caroline said.

”I'm going to take a shower. Would you be a darling and put these in the washing machine?” Tyler threw his swetty shirt and sweatpant to Caroline and got in to the bathroom.

While Tyler was in the shower, Caroline put the clothes into a washing machine angrily. She was already having slightly a bad day without no reason, you know, like the ones you get up and you know that everything will annoy you in a way or another, and this wasn't going to get it any better.

”It feels so good to be at home.” Tyler said relieved. Then he caught Caroline up in to a big hug and they slumped together on Tyler's bed. They laid on it and stared to the ceiling.

”Tyler...” Caroline started. ”I know you've been at home just a short while, but I would really really LOVE to travel somewhere and I would rather do it with you.” she said solemnly. Then she bit her lower lip and waited Tyler to answer. Tyler had shot her previous suggestions down, but she kept on trying.

”Care, why you keep buging me with this? I've said I want to stay put for a while.” Tyler said annoyed.

”Yeah, but what about me? Haven't you thought about what I want? I'm about to go to college in few months and then my life will be pretty scheduled so I can't just go places.” Caroline snapped.

”Why you have this urge to get out Mystic Falls? It's been comfortably quiet here for a while, no any supernatural emergencies and such. You'll have all the eternity to travel around the world if you want to, so what's the rush?” Tyler yelled.

”That's not and excuse to move these things to future. You can't be sure that no one is going to stake you like first thing tomorrow.” Caroline yelled back.

Gosh she was so annoyed by Tyler right now. Like he didn't get any of it. Small things about Tyler had been bugging Caroline a while now. Tyler was perfectly comfortable to stay in Mystic Falls, stay at home, go to the Grill to grab a bite, training, reapeating his routines from day to day. Caroline wanted to go places, experience new things and she wanted to do it with him, but he was so reluctant. How you response for that?

”Fine. You want to go, just go!” Tyler said frustrated.

”FINE! I'm going. Actually, I think I'm leaving right now.” Caroline stormed to the front door.

”Gosh. And I had in mind to ask you to move in with me..” Tyler murmured as he standed on top of the stairs, mostly to himself but unfortunately Caroline heard it too.

”OH REALLY!? Like to be your maid and to take care of your household?” Caroline shrieked. For a second Tyler's face revealed that he had had some sort of same idea in his mind, maybe in a little more romanticized form like a traditional man - woman set-up, but still. Caroline trembled.

”We could compel a servant..” Tyler tried to save the situation but Caroline threw a severe look upon him.

”Bye now.” Caroline said stiffly. She was so frustrated and angry. As she sat in her car she took a deep breath and started the car. What she would do now? Could she really take a hike and go wherever she wanted?

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