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Klaus & Caroline: The Longing Summer (Klaroline FanFic) by Sophie_Juniper
Klaus & Caroline: The Longing Sophie_Juniper
This fanfiction story continues the story of Klaroline right after s4e23. It is time Caroline and Klaus to go on different ways. Klaus heads to New Orleans and Caroline...
  • betrayal
  • hayley
  • liz
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Living With The McCallen Boys by MorganBryanna
Living With The McCallen Boysby MorganBryanna
If you saw your own parents die before your eyes, would you grieve to the point of death? Or would you live your life? Ever think about both? Kora's parents were never...
  • irritation
  • excitement
  • grief
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I THE SCENTS: Bloody Chocolate [edited version] by ayame3
I THE SCENTS: Bloody Chocolate [ MistIris
This is the first volume of the girl to girl romance collection book of The Scent. She's gorgeous but strong She's mysterious but deadly She's something else yet bloody...
  • abomination
  • hybrid
  • music
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How to be AWESOMELY ANNOYING by themangamonster
How to be AWESOMELY ANNOYINGby themangamonster
How to be AWESOMELY ANNOYING......A.K.A: How to drive the Akatsuki and other Naruto characters to suicide.....:P Just read and find out XDXD
  • art
  • sasuke
  • puppet
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My depression - My story by writer2024
My depression - My storyby writer
my life from my eye ... i think my life is very interesting so i have decided to write a book on it various events and how i perceive them... i have depression , clinica...
  • sad
  • mentalhealth
  • dairy
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The Hell Hounds Key by truenorthwitch
The Hell Hounds Keyby North
Shadow Kelly isn't exactly a normal 16-year-old girl. She's athletic, smart and can see dead people. One day when her and her abusive mother move into her grandmother's...
  • romance
  • spiritual
  • hound
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Seven Unnecessary Inconveniences by DakotaMadison7
Seven Unnecessary Inconveniencesby Dakota
We all know seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues, but not everyone knows the group that resides on Earth, with us. Enjoy the seven unnecessary Inconveniences, un...
  • sadpoems
  • lost
  • sadness
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тняσωιиg ѕнα∂є by Noelle313
тняσωιиg ѕнα∂єby The Quiet Nerd
Since people want to talk behind my back, I'll talk about them. Hope your secrets aren't revealed in this book cause I'm not having mercy. *This is not a book, this is...
  • mad
  • tired
  • gossip
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Dear My Love by lyna123
Dear My Loveby Lyna Rules!!!
A young woman expressing her irritations and feelings for her lover. She already expressed all the good, now She wants her lover to know how loving him hurts
  • truth
  • affection
  • love
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Bang Bang(✔️) by Absolutelyfaboulous
Bang Bang(✔️)by M's Love
I love the movie bang bang Its soo interesting I watched it 4 times last week And i had this urge to write it
  • kohinoor
  • irritation
  • places
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Azka fakhar 19 year old girl, who love to paint and is careless girl. She does't care what people think of her. She is full of flaws, but one day she got a strange blue...
  • fun
  • crying
  • confuse
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Angel's Rants by AngelKitten99
Angel's Rantsby Angel Selena
I noticed that many people have little books of rants, so I decided to make one myself.
  • annoyances
  • rants
  • scenerios
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Rants! :D by Damn_Janet_Weiss
Rants! :Dby I see you shiver in Antici...
There won't be many, I don't decide to rant easily in less I get triggered..... :)
  • whydoineedtags
  • irritation
  • ughhh
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The Cluster Family on Mars by Bovinity
The Cluster Family on Marsby Bovinity
  • hog
  • angry
  • chauffeiur
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Kookie's Rants by ChildrenOfThCorn
Kookie's Rantsby ChildrenOfThCorn
My rant book where I rant about things.
  • anger
  • rants
  • irritation
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Riptide by Kwalkersolo
Riptideby Kiara
He challenges her. She hates him. They start working together and a love/hate relationship starts to develop. When Zachary is hired by Zayrah's father to be a right-hand...
  • romance
  • family
  • humor
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