Chapter 19: Seeing Something You Like, Love?

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Author's Note: OK guys, you might not know but today, in Finnish calendar, is the name day of Klaus!!! So here's a little update for celebration!

XOXO Sophie_Juniper

”Mmmm...” Caroline mumbled with a big smile on her face, ”it's so cozy... warm... Wait a sec?! Where the heck am I?” Caroline panicked when she realized it was unfamiliar bed where she bunked. She stumbled up to a sitting position and eyed the bedroom around. She grabbed a pillow as her defence as she listened were there any sound in the house.

She exhaled and inhaled to calm herself down. The pillow had a familiar scent... something wild and powerful... Klaus. She was in Klaus's house, Caroline relaxed. Her head was spinning a little. ”He must have carried me here...” She felt little embarrased for some reason.

Caroline got up and sneeked out of the room. She was one storey above of the living room, she noticed, and went down the stairs back to the living room. It was still raining outside but it was more like a heavy drizzle rather that pouring rain now.

Caroline peeked to the living room. The fire was dying down and Klaus was laying on the sofa, his sketches crumpled all over. He seemed to be asleep. Caroline tiptoed closer, sat gently on the sofa without touching Klaus. He laid on his back, one arm under his head and the other laying on his chest. He was smiling faintly in his sleep but sufficiently so that his dimples showed.

”Gosh, he looks so young when he's like this!” Caroline thought by herself when she looked at him. ”I wonder how old he was when he was turned?” Caroline kept thinking. ”Who are you? Why are you so horrible in one moment and like this in the next? Why am I arfaid of you in a way?”

Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that you're afraid of yourself? Your darkest desires...”

Caroline shivered when she recalled Silas's words. She had denied her feelings for Klaus this whole time. That some part of her reached out for him despite all the bad things he's done. The same part that had decided to help him in his need and was able to accept him as her friend... That part who felt flattered about the fact that his humanity seemed to come out only around her...

”But it's wrong. I'm not suppose to feel like this, not for him. He has done terrible things...” Caroline reminded herself in her mind. There was this other part who was afraid of that her friends might get hurt along the way. However, she was most afraid of that he might love her too much and she might only hurt him over and over again since she still didn't know how she truly felt about him. That was the reason why she couldn't let her take that step.

”Seeing something you like, love?” Klaus murmured as he halfly opened one of his eyes. He was perfectly relaxed.

Caroline flinced a little. ”I didn't know that you were awake.”

”Maybe, maybe not.” Klaus whispered mysteriously. ”I certainly feel like I'm dreaming,” He muttered smiling and closed his eyes again. He knew that Caroline's eyes were fixated to him and he enjoyed the feeling of it.

”Is that a tooth?” Caroline asked after a while of silence and nodded pointing Klaus's necklace.

Klaus didn't open his eyes but answered: ”You mean my necklace? It is. A tooth of a grizzly bear. It's a token from a hunting trip me and my brothers once were on.”

Caroline reached to one of the crumpled sketches. ”Why have you crushed all of these?”

Klaus used his hybrid speed to get up to a sitting position and to grab the piece of paper from Caroline's hand. ”Because it didn't turned out the way I wanted to, love.” He said huskily his face few inches away from hers.

Caroline gulped. If she just leaned for a little, their lips would touch...

The front door opened creaking faintly. Klaus and Caroline both turned their heads to doorway.

”We're back.” Elijah annouced quietly.

”Caroline?” Elena called.

Caroline turned back to Klaus and their eyes met. Caroline gave out the slightest of sighs and stood up to go downstairs. Klaus reached out to take Caroline's hand. He looked her in the eyes and placed a gentle kiss on her hand. ”Goodbye, Caroline.” Klaus whispered.

Caroline pulled her hand reluctantly away.

 She came downstairs Klaus right behind her.

”I guess we're off then.” Caroline said

Klaus looked at Caroline longing as she made her exit of his house. Elijah headed to the living room to have a drink before leaving himself. Klaus followed him shortly after.

”So, Niklaus, how was your evening with sweet Caroline?” Elijah asked politely.

”Can't complain, brother.” Klaus said crypticly. ”How about your little chat with lovely Elena?”

”It was quite illuminating I must say”, Elijah answered as crypticly as Klaus and drank his bourbon.

”I must make my exit too”, he said after a while and was about to leave the living room when he turned and pondered: ”Quite an amusing thing though how much has happened in Mystic Falls since we left... No rumours about Silas... Young Jeremy Gilbert back from the dead... and her dear sister Elena being with Damon Salvatore now... and...”

”And what, dear brother? Some more teenage gossips perhaps?” Klaus said sarcastically.

”More or less...” Elijah smiled shortly and just before flashing out the room he said, ”Caroline is no longer with Tyler Lockwood. There you go, brother.”

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