Alpha Blake by CourageousReader
Alpha Blakeby E
Alpha Blake has came to the age of twenty and is still in search of his mate. Only when his seventeen year old mate is accused of being a rogue, they finally meet. With...
  • forest
  • kidnap
  • kill
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daddy // mitchel cave by adoresmcc
daddy // mitchel caveby Chase Atlantic 🌹
"Baby girl you need to find your daddy" "What if I found one?" "Very bad choice, kitten." -firstly sexual and then dramatic. stay in you...
  • christian
  • clinton
  • cave
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Nostalgia || Christian Anthony  by katieisokay
Nostalgia || Christian Anthony by katieisokay
"Girl just scream it out" Mags Wheels is an indie rock junkie who struggles with insecurities. Christian Anthony moves here all the way from Australia with his...
  • atlantic
  • boyle
  • pat
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Spitfire One Shots by The-English-Idiot
Spitfire One Shotsby 👑
One-shots that were the first thing that I properly published on here, in 2015, which are, understandably, terribly written, but promise to bring a smile to your face or...
  • serious
  • comedy
  • hurt
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Ashes ~ (a TenRose Fanfiction) by ellainthetardis
Ashes ~ (a TenRose Fanfiction)by Ella:)
Stranded on a lonely island, the Doctor and Rose have little resources to last until help arrives. Cold, hungry, and upset, they must pull through together to get throug...
  • tenrose
  • plane
  • dw
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Of Caverns and Casters - The Lost Roads Quartet, Book One by avadel
Of Caverns and Casters - The Laine and Aria Nichols
[LIMITED TIME EDITION] Eleaviara Riveirre is a self-reliant scientist, spunky and determined to reach her goals. But when she's forced to move from her beloved city Ale...
  • cave
  • review
  • wizard
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ozone //  mitchel cave by dxlliance
ozone // mitchel caveby dxlliance
"99 cent dreams, maybe you could show me some"
  • chase
  • clinton
  • mitchelcave
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insecure // mitchel cave [ slow updates ] by adoresmcc
insecure // mitchel cave [ slow Chase Atlantic 🌹
"why do you keep treating women like that?" -when insecurity is confused with self esteem.
  • atlantic
  • chaseatlantic
  • chase
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Into it - a Clinton Cave story  by baillex
Into it - a Clinton Cave story by Bbygrl
This mental pressure got me poppin pills and shit But I'm into it TW, rape, abuse, depression MATURE THEMES - mentioned above, sex, drugs, alcohol and language (curse...
  • chase
  • christainanthony
  • chaseatlantic
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Guys like you (Clinton Cave) by tealfeelz
Guys like you (Clinton Cave)by Boi
The guy on Katherine's bus is a grade A asshole, but she thinks he's a total babe. He plays a saxophone, speeds through red lights, and doesn't care what you think about...
  • whatamidoing
  • mitchel
  • chase
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The Mercenary by RoseColouredNoose
The Mercenaryby NAMELESS
Book/Part 1: Mitchel Cave Book/Part 2: Pat Wilde This book is all parts of this series, "Heartless in a Few Ways", in one easy to find book under the series na...
  • jesseboyle
  • patwilde
  • bands
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'We weren't supposed to end up like this...' A mystery roleplay by thatlazydemon
'We weren't supposed to end up lazy piece of trash
Your OC meets up with a bunch of old friends from school to catch up with each other. When you try to contact your old teachers, you get a disturbing message. What will...
  • bxg
  • gxg
  • blood
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Flower shop (Clinton Cave X Reader) by palaye_in_veil
Flower shop (Clinton Cave X Reader)by ._.
You're at your friends wedding and pair up with someone. What happens when you fall in love with that person?
  • anthony
  • chaseatlantic
  • love
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Adore You || Clinton Cave by clintonisbae
Adore You || Clinton Caveby Eda
"You're the best I ever had." 🕊🥀
  • cavebrothers
  • aussies
  • christiananthony
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cassie//{m.c.c.} by CalumDownMitch
cassie//{m.c.c.}by mipple
  • drugs
  • cave
  • chaseatlantic
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• heart - robin skinner/cavetown imagines by 1-800-pussysandwich
• heart - robin skinner/cavetown Whiskey
// in which the writer really loves robin even though she knows she won't have a chance with him // 🍋🍑
  • robin
  • lemonboy
  • robinskinner
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Summer Trip Gone Wrong by XxX-Jelsa-XxX
Summer Trip Gone Wrongby XxX-Jelsa-XxX
Everyone has messed up at one point. But have you ever messed up so bad that you ended up with a tail? Curiosity can be a great quality as well as a terrible flaw. In t...
  • hiccanna
  • mermaid
  • drama
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La Caveby @Apple
Je n'aurais jamais du ouvrir cette porte, et encore moins provoquer ceux qui s'y trouvent. On ne doit jamais jouer avec la peur ou les esprits. Ca nous couterais chers...
  • cave
  • fantômes
  • frissons
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Leover (Grover and Leo) by queen_of_shadows92
Leover (Grover and Leo)by queen_of_shadows92
Thank you so much to my friend (Whom I shall not name) for giving me this idea one time at the end of lunch! (You know who you are!!) Please like and vote and comment if...
  • pavilion
  • chb
  • camphalf-blood
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