Chapter 21: The First Rule Of Truly Living: Do The Thing You're Most Afraid Of

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”ELENA!!! I have a real crisis on my hands and I need you!!” Caroline panicked once she arrived to the hotel room in which she and Elena were supposed to stay for the night.

”Caroline?! What is it?” Elena took Caroline's face in her palms and eyed her friend with a worrying look.

”I... I...” Caroline stuttered. Elena led her to sit on one of the beds in the room. ”I kissed Klaus...” She said, obviously shocked.

”You kissed Klaus?” Elena asked surprised.

”I was so angry... and then I kissed him?!” Caroline laughed in disbeliefe.

”OK, Caroline, let's go back a little. What happened?”

”I felt so angry and betrayed that he didn't tell me about Hayley. So I rushed in his house and I yelled at him and he yelled back at me about Tyler, gosh how did he know about that, and then I wasn't thinking and I kissed him."

”Why you were so angry with him?” Elena questioned gently although she might have a clue what Caroline would answer.

”I don't know...I felt betrayed... I don't know...”



”I think you have feelings for Klaus.”


”And judging by your reactions they are pretty deep.”

Caroline stood up and walked aroud the room. ”Well, yeah, he's my friend...

”Caroline...” Elena intimated that that wasn't what she ment.

”Ok, FINE! I have feelings for him! Are you happy now?! It's not like I haven't tried to ignore them or anything!” Caroline freaked out.

”It's OK, Care...” Elena tried to calm her down.

”No it's not!!! This is way too complex to be OK!!!” Caroline spread her arms as she yelled. ”I just can't fall for him.”

”And why is that so?” Elena dared her.

”Because...” Caroline hesitated, ”because of everything. All the bad stuff...”

”Caroline, is that really the only reason? You do know that you don't have to keep anything from me, don't you? I can handle it. Klaus may not be my favorite person but I can see that you care for him.”

Caroline sighed and let it out. ”I'm scared of falling for him because then he'll have what he wants, like he always does. And I don't want to be just another conquest for him.” Caroline took a deep breath. ”But that was just one reason. The other is the one that really scares me. I'm afraid of how much he loves me, and that I can't love him as much as he loves me and I'll end up hurting him. Not that I wouldn't have done that before...”

”Caroline,” Elena said and took Caroline's hand, ”You can't choose who you fall in love with. I do know that, if anyone.” Elena smiled shortly. ”And I know that something in you reaches out for him and is able to bring the best part out of him. But this is something you have to decide on your own.”

”But I can't face him... I ran off like a chicken. And he's having that baby?!”

”If you say so. But remember that you're the only one who can make the difference.”

”Why am I such a mess because of some guy?” Caroline cried out.

”Because sometimes guys makes us girls act like crazy persons.” Elena giggled. ”But only the special ones.”

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