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Elias paused for a second, studying me curiously with narrowed eyes, obviously unable to grasp why I had judged Alex so quickly. Truth be known, I didn't particularly understand myself, simply because there really was just something about that male. I mean, what man has a ponytail?

"She's right Elias, we can't trust anyone, you tell me this all the time." Esree pointed, returning Elias's frown as she shifted from foot to foot. Elias let out a breath of exasperation as he ran his hands over his face dramatically.

"I've known him for years, besides, wouldn't the council already be here by now?"

He had us there, they would  definitely already of been here and I probably wouldn't even be breathing, but that was totally besides the point. There was still a very high possibility that Alex couldn't be trusted and I was certain with my judgement, though it hasn't always came through in the past, was right. Elias studied us both closely, gaining in on our uneasiness as we remained still, determined to get through to him.

"If you're sure." I mumbled, not totally giving up on the situation, just deciding to let it go for now. "-but if we're right, it will be too late and I don't want to lose you."

A small smile peeked through Elias's lips, indicating emotion as his eyes swarmed with mischief. "I'm sure, Darcy."

"So what's the plan? We can't hide here forever, sooner or late they will track us, Elias, you know we only have a few days."

Elias nodded in confirmation at Esree, sighing all the while. "We have to flee the Coven, vampires won't wander into human territory, perhaps our only option is to vacate there?"

Esree let out a gasp, paling by the second at her brothers suggestion and quickly interjected. "You cant be serious? Mingle with humans? Do you know how dangerous that could be for our species? Not to mention our lives, imagine if they catch us, Elias! Your pureblood raging amongst humans would be disastrous!"

Me, however, was warming to the idea by the second. That would mean I would be able to see my family again, my mother and sister. They must be worried sick, search parties must be swarming the streets, not to mention my face on the news. It was strange how I hadn't really given it a thought since now. I'd been kidnapped for at least a week now and yet I hadn't thought about home once. Did that make me a bad person?

Yet, she was right. Elias can't truly control his pureblood therefore going on a killing spree would just as much be the same punishment with our law, his death.

"Do you have a better idea? Do you think we should just stay here and await our fate?"

Elias's temper was growing and I wasn't sure if I approved of the way he was talking to his sister, because whichever way he looked at it she was right and simply just stating the flaws of his plan. "I just want to go home, Elias!"

I winced at the sadness is Esree's voice and I was sure that if I turned to study her, she would have tears almost daring to fall from her eyes and I wanted nothing more than to comfort her because almost in the same kind of way, I knew exactly how she felt.

I watched Elias growl under his breath, consumed with pain as he watched his sister almost break down again. I wanted to help them, come up with some miraculous plan that would save us all but I had nothing because this wasn't my world. I hadn't the clue on how they worked, their system or law. I knew in mine we could simply hire a well repuatated lawyer and hope for the best but considering they hadn't suggested that yet, made me assume it wasn't an option.

I twiddled with the hem of Elias's shirt of which rested just below my knees, acting as a dress on my small figure. We were in quite the predicament.

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