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No, no, no. This wasn't happening, what was I do to do? My mind began to convulse hysterically, jumbling thoughts and scenarios by the second as my skin soared like a flame, beginning to blister painfully. "ELIAS!" I screamed pleadingly, taking steps back as Elias threw the suited man to the tiled wall, the force too strong to fight against as the man, obviously not immune to unconsciousness as he slammed to the ground, his eyes shut tight and body motionless. I felt my chest rise heavily, unable to truly catch my breath as I sobbed, taking a cautious step back as Elias turned to face me in all his naked glory. His skin was a deep pale ivory, tense across his impressive muscles lining his stomach. His eyes were a fiery red, seething and unruly as he fixated in on me and I wasn't entirely sure whether or not Elias was present but the way he was stalking closer gave me every reason to believe he wasn't.

My screams of horror was silenced sharply by the roughness of his hand of which collided with my lips, I felt his other arm snake around my waist and I was pulled tight, pressed up against him flush. My cries were muffled and everywhere he touched sent a trail of pain, I was hurting and he was only intensifying that. "We need to leave." He breathed against my neck, his voice tender and soft. Never having heard his pureblood speak before, I believed Elias had now surfaced and in response, I breathed in relief. Elias dropped his hand from my mouth and cupped around my neck almost instinctively, not knowing his own strength as he put a limit on my air supply.

"Get me out of here." I hated seeming weak in front of such a powerful man, but I couldn't conceal it any longer, I was frightened and I wasn't going to fool myself into thinking I could handle this because I couldn't. "They're horrible-" I began but was quickly silence by the gentle tug he gave on my throat.

"I have you, Darcy. So long as I do, no one will harm you." I felt my body ease into his, relaxing all the while as I let my head fall back against his chest, thankful to just be close to him again. "Come on-"

But it was too late. My jaw was inches from the ground as I stood in terror, clenching my fingers around my restraints as I pressed tighter up against Elias, of whom was now shaking behind me, giving me the knowledge of his rising pureblood. I couldn't understand why I always had to be between it, sooner or later my bad luck was going to catch up with me, I can't keep worming my way out of these situations. "Causing quite the trouble young man." A deep, throaty voice sounded behind the barricades of men, all ready to pounce on command. I tried to swallow down the fact I was butt naked and standing bare and vulnerable in front of five a dozen vampires, but in return failed and remained standing like a red tomato. The man behind the voice soon came into view as he pushed his way through the men, finally one not wearing glasses as his feet cracked its way through the shattered glass. The man stood fairly small for the normality judging by the rest and his head was greying around the sides. His eyes resembled that of a deep, dark black hole and I felt as though if I stared into them long enough, I'd get sucked in.

"A pretty girl you have there."

I groaned internally, trying to calm my anger at the thought of this man being so foolishly stupid. It wasn't through any knowledge of my own whether or not they knew Elias was a pureblood yet, but I figured he wouldn't be testing his buttons if he knew. I inwardly heaved as the mans eyes began a lingering line down across my body, forcing my pride to simmer away like bubbling fat in a fire hot pan. "You're a bastard." I spat, unable to control my emotions as I let the words fall past my lips, trying not to show my regret as I began to tremble, understanding my mistake. Elias tightened his grasp around my neck, my oxygen cutting off that little bit more as I tried to breathe steady.

"Quite a temper for a deer amongst lions, young one." His cocky tone was enough to give me the right amount of courage to send myself hurling for his throat, ready to knock some sense into his balls. I hated this, I hated my weakness. "You should know, I say whether you live or die leading up to the trial."

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