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An overwhelming feeling of security crept over me, entrancing me deeper into my resting state, lulling me into a suffocating sleep as I tried to urge my eyes open. An unfamiliar scent of lilies filled my senses, forcing me to question my whereabouts as I resisted the urge to curl over and simply ignore it. I was so fixated on the smell that I hadn't even realised the heavy weight pressing against my side, or what it was I had my leg draped over quite comfortably. I pried my left eye open, peeking warily as I bit my lip, feeling butterflies cloud my stomach as I took in the male beauty led beside me. His peaceful form ignited warmth inside me, his lack of acknowledgement making me feel a little guilty at my creepy antics but I didn't particularly care. He was mesmerising.

The dark line of stubble framing his chiselled jaw had me drooling at just the sight. Finally being given the opportunity to fully study his scar, I focused on it intently, frowning. Who did this to him? Why? Without thinking, I brought my hand up curiously and just as I was inches from trailing the scar, his hand shot up, capturing mine.

A squeal of horror shrieked past my lips, my heart pounding twenty miles a minute as I stared wide eyed at a still sleeping Elias.

"I'm not asleep, little Darcy." He murmured huskily, his voice rough and deep as he kept a firm grasp on my wrist.

I sucked in my bottom lip, trying to refrain from smiling, he almost gave me a heart attack.

"Where are we, Elias?" I asked questionably, taking in the peculiar blue walls and white furry carpet. Patterned silk bedding was draped over us and bookshelves lined the walls. The room certainly had a mans touch and was truly breathtakingly, beautiful.

"My safe house, as we should now call it, it got me away from my father at the worst of times and it's finally come in handy." Elias responded, his deep blue eyes now focusing directly on me as he released my wrist, trailing his hand over to rest against my waist once again. His touch sent pools of heat at every nerve he pressed against, I wasn't sure if I could handle it. "We'll be staying here for a while, at least until I can decide what exactly we're going to do."

I nodded against the pillow, lifting my head to rest on his bare chest, running my hands over his defined muscles. I watched with fascination as his stomach dipped, responding to my touch as he hissed through sensitivity. "You're truly as beautiful in the morning as you are ever."

His forward statement had me blushing deeply, how could one possessed by something so unruly be so truly kind, so thoughtful and tender? He never failed to amaze me, baffling me more by the minute as he continued to surprise me. "What's going to happen to you, Elias?"

I felt my heart sink in realisation, they wouldn't stop until they had him and if he wasn't here to protect me, they'd surely kill me. Elias's expression remained calm and collected as he turned his head to face me, taking my breath away all the more. "Know that I will never let them harm you, Darcy. I'll protect you and Esree with my life, you need to trust me on that."

I watched a small frown coat his features, taking me with alert simply because it was a rare sight for Elias to express emotion, so use to masking it. "It's my fault, Darcy." Elias admitted, running his tongue to coat his dry lips. I felt my heart sink in response, what was his fault? I hoped my expression of confusion would urge him on as I propped myself up on my elbow, giving me clear access to him, studying him closely. "I bought you. It was my fault you were at our house, I brought you there. I wasn't there to purchase, I was there spying on another royal from a different Coven. Their lack of acknowledgement on the Royals allowed me to enter with ease, for they never truly check the names because posing as a Royal is an offense worthy of death." He paused, scanning over my face in attempt to dawn in on the amount of horror I was trying to mask.

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