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The wind howled viscously amongst my presence, the cries of the deceased and never ending sorrow. So much evil and pain swarmed around and nothing but fear and panic blanketed the coven. It'd been five years since Theo was taken, I wasn't entirely sure where and I wasn't all that sure on why, however, what he left inside of me had no words to even comprehend.

Darkness and ruthlessness enlaced my being, I was undead, I was what every small child feared lurked in their shadows.

And I was stronger than ever.

Made by an original, Elder Pureblood, I was cursed with an untamed darkness which took over every time my eyes laid on another. Jealously and frustration, why did others get to live a happy, long life, surrounded by loved ones and eternal partners? Well, they didn't, because I made sure of it.

Possessed by my internal nature, unique and the first to ever survive a transition, I'm more powerful than you could ever imagine. So many attempts to relieve me of this life, so many poor attempts of restraining me and it ended in the same consequence every time. They knew they were no match for me, they knew conflict with me was like a portal to their death.

My Pureblood was me, he was strong and held no room for mercy.

I was wild and ruthless, they feared me and they were right to because no matter how hard I tried, it overtook me, consumed every drop of humanity I had left until I was nothing but a deep hole of darkness.

My name is Darcy Rose, and I am a creature of the night.


"No, stop it, he's my baby!" A harsh cry of panic echoed across the street. Before me stood a young boy, no older than eight, he hadn't transitioned yet. He didn't consume the qualities of a vampire, the speed a young child is often known for, and he was unfortunate because of this. My face, concealed by a thick hood, remained expressionless at my surroundings. My eyes however, were fixed solidly on the brunette boy whom stood frozen rooted against the path.

The only thoughts roaming my mind were the unbearable intentions to kill. To rip off his head in front of his mother and prove to her the nature of our kind. She was foolish to bring him out here, everyone knows a new breed of Pureblood scours the coven, this was her fault.

"NO!" Her terrified cries went unheard as my natural instincts kicked into high gear and I leaped towards the boy. Still too horrified to move, he gave in to fate and I sunk my teeth into his neck, injecting a poison so deadly he had nothing but a mere second to comprehend his death. It gave me a sense of relief, it felt as though I was pleasing my Pureblood and he wasn't so dominant in my head all the time if I pleased him.

The coven was beginning to lose its numbers, going extinct to say the least. However, I couldn't control it even if I wanted to. The day I turned was the day I lost my humanity and that was just the way it had to be.

Finishing off the mother, I continued to scuff my feet along the path, gazing at my surroundings as I inhaled the breeze cooling the midnight air. I often wondered if Theo was watching me, if the Elders were watching me. In my time here, I'd learnt numeral things about my kind. One being that the Elders never reveal themselves unless deemed fit, they can't put themselves in jeopardy due to being the last 5. They were the true rulers of the vampire coven and I'd learnt that there were many, many covens. I planned to discover every last one.

With eyes as deep as scarlet, my hair had shaded to a more intense, darker brunette and my skin had paled to a ghostly white. I was beautifully transitioned, the Pureblood enlacing inside of me brought many, many changes to my human form. I hadn't aged since, I looked naively young yet as everyone was beginning to know, I was much more lethal than I perceived to be.

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