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I moaned groggily, feeling the sudden weight of my previous experience hit me like a tonne of bricks, nausea and fatigue washing over me like the plague. My mood was foul and for some strange reason, my tolerance to this whole situation was starting to improve, perhaps to my disadvantage because I wasn't sure how long I was going to be able to sit idle and twiddle my thumbs, especially with all this bravery now brewing inside of me. Action needed to be taken and I certainly wasn't going to accept being kidnapped.

"You must wake now, I have been given direct orders to monitor you eat."

I peeked through heavy lashes, feeling the scorching burn overtake my vision as I strained, determined to put a face to the unfamiliar, female voice. "Who are you?" I asked suspiciously, my voice hoarse and raspy, everything you would expect from a girl who had just recovered from being shamelessly knocked unconscious.

She stood fairly tall yet had a very petite form, she was dressed in a pretty black dress that stopped just below her knees and just above her elbows. Her mousy brown hair was kept secure and neat in an immaculate tight bun centred directly on top of her head. She had small, but very dark eyes and they were focused directly on me.

I realised then I was situated back in my original room and uneasiness swept over me, suddenly making my palms sweaty and the pulse in my chest grow harder.

"You must eat now." She instructed again, the sincerity in her eyes was almost pleading as she stared down at me, awaiting my response. I rubbed away the sleep from my eyes and I attempted to smooth down my untamed hair, trying to bring myself back into reality.

I let out a heavy, fairly exaggerated but needed, sigh. It seemed my hunger phase had strangely passed and was replaced by a heavy blob of nausea that happened to be eating away at me slowly. "Okay." I agreed, giving in to defeat at the plead in her expression. Her eyes almost lightened in delight, quickly scurrying towards me with a plate of food protected by a silver lid.

"Who are you?" I asked, curious to know more as she placed the plate beside me on the bed, but I failed to ignore the anxiety that crossed over her expression. "Are you-" I paused, debating whether or not it was wise for me to continue. "Like him?" My voice came out in a whisper, any other individual would mistake me for being crazy or at least question me, but not her, she knew exactly what I meant.

She hesitantly paused, her eyes fixated on the purple quilt as she frantically pried off the silver food cover, quickly taking a few steps away from me as though I could any second harm her. "Please-" I began, trying to hoist her attention. "-tell me this is all a joke."

Her eyes flickered to mine, a sudden wash of sadness absorbed her as she rubbed her hands across her dress, sighing deeply. "It is no joke, young child. The sooner you learn to accept this the sooner your life can prosper into something a little more-" She bit her lip, looking to the side, her eyes darting to anywhere but mine. "-pleasant."

"Why me?" I probed further, sitting up quickly. "Why did he take me?"

"That I can't answer as I haven't the knowledge, please, you really must eat now."

I decided it would be wise to leave it at that, it was clear she wasn't willing to inform me of any important information that would perhaps put a clear image in my mind and I didn't want to put her in any kind of trouble.

My mind wandered numbly as I chewed hopelessly at the poorly cooked pasta, hard and flavourless. All the while, the strange woman hadn't left my side doing exactly what she was supposedly instructed to do. Her small eyes watched me observably as I childishly picked and prodded at my food. Every time she thought I wasn't looking, she'd study my body, exactly how Elijah would just with a little more manners. I couldn't help but think back to the mysterious male hidden by the hooded jumper and why he was so particular about hiding his image. Maybe he just wanted to wear a hood.

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